Pentagon Declares War On Transportation ‘Trend’

September 21, 2018 G W 0

In the past few weeks, many urban areas in the United States have gotten their first taste of life with scooters, thanks to Bird, Lime, and other similar businesses. Opinions vary wildly, though many have complained about the way that the scooters are used and how the businesses operate. However, the Pentagon appears to hate the fashionable, trendy, motorized scooters with a passion. They have such animosity for the devices that they have impounded a number of them, which are not cleared for operation within the confines of the Pentagon’s campus. Last week, in one day, Pentagon police found a (Read More)

Air Force Calls For Largest Build Up Since Cold War

September 20, 2018 G W 0

The United States military has been engaged in combat operations for more than a decade and a half, fighting the Global War on Terror and taking on Islamic extremism throughout the middle east and Africa. This constant tempo of deployments has stretched forces to their limits, and some portions of the military are hoping to expand. Especially after the various military freezes and cuts during the Barack Obama administration, some organizations within the military have said that they are not able to do what is demanded of them with what they had. The Air Force is faced with just this (Read More)

How Mattis Spent His Birthday Weekend Is The Definition Of Service

September 14, 2018 G W 0

Many agree that for the first time in years, the United States Department of Defense, which is responsible for oversight of the entire armed forces, is led by a man that the troops respect. James Mattis was not some political figure who never served and rose to prominence like former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; he was an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and was respected even then. This week, Secretary of Defense Mattis turned 68 years old. He didn’t spend his birthday at some high-society event in Washington D.C., Martha’s Vineyard, or New York City, though, he (Read More)

Judge Orders Raid After Homeless Vet ‘GoFundMe’ Theft

September 13, 2018 G W 0

Last year, a homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt, came to the assistance of Kate McClure, whose car had run out of gasoline. With his last $20, he bought her gasoline so she could get home, and as a result of that kind act, a crowdfunding campaign raised more than $400,000 to help Bobbitt, a veteran, get back on his feet. However, the couple apparently decided that they knew best, claiming that the veteran couldn’t be trusted with the donations. After a lawsuit was filed, their actions have taken on a more sinister look. Now the question is where that money went, (Read More)

Ranger ‘Diversity’ Questioned As Rep. Hints At Special Treatment

September 12, 2018 G W 0

Congressman Steve Russell is demanding to know why, or if women are getting special treatment to force female graduates in Ranger School. After the former administration’s push for diversity and the strange destruction of Ranger School records, many people agree that something not quite right is happening. Ranger School is, hands down, one of the most difficult schools in the United States military, and its instructors and cadre take (mostly) candidates who have passed Airborne school and harden them into one of the most powerful and storied units in the Army. It was Rangers who fought up a mountain at (Read More)