Navy Medical Operations Staff Sergeant Discovered Dead In Germany

August 10, 2018 G W 0

An airman who passed away after being discovered unconscious next to a German autobahn has been identified as Staff Sergeant Justin Vandervort. Officials at Spangdahlem Air Base released an official statement August 2, expressing their sympathies to his family. On the afternoon of July 31, Vandervort was found unresponsive alongside the A60 autobahn not far from Spangdahlem. Around 2:20 p.m., the 29-year-old Staff Sergeant was pronounced dead. The circumstances surrounding Vandervort’s demise were “not immediately clear,” the press release notes. The cause of death is still “under investigation.” Reports don’t clarify if he was found in or around the vehicle. (Read More)

Service Members Treated To Advanced Screening Of Action Film

August 8, 2018 G W 0

Mark Wahlberg has a new action thriller coming out. As a morale-boosting bonus, our troops in Afghanistan will be privileged with a free advance screening of the film ‘Mile 22.’ The movie is scheduled for public release on August 17, but the troops at Bagram Air Base will get their sneak peek from August 11 to 15, thanks to STXfilms, which is a division of STX Entertainment, and their partnership with Air Force Exchange Service. The U.S. Embassy at Kabul will also be screening the film the same dates. Beginning August 4, the film will also be presented at 12 (Read More)

U.S. Navy Considering Harpoon Weaponry After Exercise Deemed Success

August 7, 2018 G W 0

The Navy’s “advanced capability” Mk 48 torpedo is an “extraordinary weapon,” but a changing strategic environment has the top brass dusting off the weapon it replaced just before the turn of the millennium. Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles could be making a comeback. “We thought we could get by with our heavyweight torpedo, our advanced capability (ADCAP) Mk 48 torpedo, because we thought the predominant threat at the time when that decision was made was submarines,” Rear Admiral Daryl Caudle explains. Now, once again, there’s a need for “the standoff distance of an anti-ship cruise missile.” Every two years, the Rim (Read More)

DoD Announces Overseas Drinking Law Change From ‘Original Interpretation’

August 3, 2018 G W 0

The Department of Defense recently notified personnel through an alert sent via command messaging list that the drinking age for all troops stationed in Bahrain will be raised from 18 to 21 in a three-step process. To illustrate the change, the message took the form of a visual “picture” diagram, as reported by Stars and Stripes. The modification does not come as a response to any particular incident, alcohol-related or otherwise, only to “more closely follow Navy policies,” the military news outlet reported. Navy rules concerning consumption of alcohol in foreign countries give latitude to allow troops to “follow local (Read More)

Military Unveils StormBreaker In Latest High Tech Development

August 1, 2018 G W 0

Thanks to a new bomb called “StormBreaker,” the latest high-tech addition to the American arsenal, U.S. forces can conduct full scale precision air-strike attack operations in any weather conditions, day and night. Even a mile-high wall of dust sweeping across the desert won’t save mobile enemy units as they scramble for cover. As described in a tactics manual published by the U.S. Marine Corps, both good and bad weather is an important factor to consider on the battlefield. “The military unit that is best prepared to operate in these conditions will gain an advantage over its opponent.” As an example, (Read More)