82,000 Patriots Vow To Do Something Big On Veterans Day

Roger Goodell now has a serious problem on his hands.

With Veterans Day rapidly approaching and just over 40 days away, many Patriots have resolved to do something big–and something probably never done before.

Every year, this special day gives Americans an opportunity to step back and reflect on the sacrifices our current military members make every single day. Not only that, it allows us the chance to let our Veterans know just how much we truly care about them, and how grateful we are for their dedication to helping protect and defend our amazing freedoms.

These brave Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy, defended freedom in the jungles of Vietnam, battled in the sands of Iraq, and carried western values to countless other places on this planet, always putting country first, America First.

Sadly, the NFL and its affiliates have chosen to do quite the opposite: to exploit America for its money, all while refusing to honor the very country that not only allowed them to prosper, but even extended their success with tax subsidies.

And in reaction, 82,000 Patriots are now vowing to hit the NFL where it hurts–right in their pocket book.

Reported by CBS, this large group of American Patriots is planning to stage a boycott on Veterans Day–the same day that the NFL normally rakes in millions thanks to viewers all around the country.

Furthermore, the group is calling on all concerned citizens to follow in their footsteps to send a message directly to the NFL Commissioner himself: Roger Goodell. President Trump has expressed great unhappiness with these overpaid players who choose not to enact a positive change, but to instead disrespect the flag and national anthem as an outlet for their own media attention.

So as we move forward towards Veterans Day, let us remember to thank those that served, not just through our words, but through our actions. We thank them for their selfless dedication to country and their bravery. We are a better nation because of them–and it’s time the NFL came to realize that.


      • You gave that correct R. Stansberry! These overpaid, Anti American, disrespectful individuals are just trying to save face. They are once again playing their cash cow of taxpayers for fools. They would not have even started this shit on company time, if they respected old glory and the national anthem in whole! You see, if they would have ran ads or even a commercial with a major tv network to begin with, they would have to spend our tax dollars for it. That will take away some of their millions earned, from getting to buy more “bling-bling, finest suits, shoes, pimp daddy hats, club drinks, coke (not the cola kind), finest food, prostitutes, more cars, yachts and private planes. Remember now, these are the oppressed that live in freedom and in the greatest country in the world! Stay strong citizens/taxpayers and just say no to anything associated with the Not For Long League! Shut the TV’s off, keeps the stadium seats empty and quit purchasing anything with the NFL label and their many sponsors! Their true colors and disrespect have shown, in regards to what myself and fellow veterans have fought so hard to protect! That being this nation of the United States of America! God Bless America and pray for all of these individuals that are so oppressed! ❤️

        • I totally agree and we will not watch the NFL at not even the Saints since they refused to stand and show respect to our flag and country. Thank you for your service to our country. God bless our service men and women

          • Thanks for remaining true and strong Deborah Metoyer! Thanks for your support of the armed forces also. We all need to come together and show all of these arrogant, millionaire individuals, that they will never be bigger than the citizens, that swear to and wear a real uniform, while defending this great nation! God Bless America! ❤️

        • They need to be sent Venezuela with no income and learn what real oppression is these overplayed snowflakes should have no support of any kind no tax payer money to build anything to do with them cut all funding the American people need to spend more time caring for family and country

      • Since the Red Sox went on strike many yrs.
        ago and charged kids for autographs,
        I have not given one red cent to ANY
        “professional” team.
        The NFL’s own rules echo
        the US Flag Code, so they
        are breaking their own rules
        by not respecting the Anthem
        and our Flag.
        The President deployed his
        signature catch-phrase
        from his time hosting
        The Apprentice – “You’re fired!”
        – to say what should happen
        to spoiled athletes who
        trash the memory of veterans
        who fought and died for them
        to have the right to make millions
        playing a child’s game.

      • Amen! Agreed! NFL can suck it! they can live on their own millions until it runs out! then they can serve the Country they have been disrespecting!!! SPOILED BOYS!!

    • In order for others to get a deeper understanding of why Patriotic American Citizens are so outraged over the Disrespect of our Flag, I’m encouraging people to…GOOGLE AND PASS ON…”THE 13 FOLDS OF THE AMERICAN FLAG”

    • That’s right, NFL and all the games boys play and make
      millions should be rethought! Nobody is worth millions of
      dollars to play with a ball. All sports are really stupid. Don’t
      believe me, listen to some them talk. Most don’t even know where
      they are. PLEASE stop letting the SPORTS industry get away with
      any more of this BULLCRAP.

  1. I really hope everybody with a lick of sense will do this! We can show the biased media just how many of us angry people are out there. Empty those stadiums!

  2. I’m sick of this racial bias shown against white folks. We are blamed for everything wrong with minorities and all their problems. First its the white police, then when minority cops are involve the subject changes. Then its the illegal immigration problem, notice the illegal in that. But that is also white America’s fault. Now its disrespecting our country’s flag and country itself. Once again its white supremacy, white power, white this …when does it end??

    • Probably never as long as the democrat party and it’s crazy members are still around, not all liberals are but the hard left are, don’t want to paint everyone with one brush!

  3. I spent 26 years on active duty in the Air Force, and followed up with 19 more years in uniform teaching AFJROTC Aerospace Science. I will boycott not only the NFL, but the networks that offer the games, the sponsors of the games, and those companies that peddle their products! I really do hate traitors!!!!!

  4. There is no way I would watch a NFL game today or in the near future. Either you tell the owners and players to stand, hold their hand over their hearts and listen to the words of the National Anthem, or sing along, or you all will suffer with empty pockets. Your sponsors are also being warned that all will be boycotted. Personally my husband fought in Viet Nam and spent 22 years in the Air Force. You are personally dishonoring him and I take it personally.

  5. The owners are responsible for their employees! They can suspend players and/or fine the players. The workplace is not a democracy! I will not watch any foootball games this year and hope that with others we will hit the owners hard in the wallet!!!

  6. This is indeed about a total disrespect for what this country stands for regardless of how they try to spin it. It is unacceptable to snub the flag & all it stands for while “milking” the benefits that this great country allows them. I find their actions of kneeling during the National Anthem despicable. If they do not want to respect the flag then they should stay the He#l off the field while it is being played. If they do not, then they should be physically removed & fired. Shame on the owners for allowing this to go on. All advertisers should withdraw until these ungratefuls show respect for the American flag & all it constitutes.

  7. Coming from a Navy Family whose served in WWI, WWII, and Korea, I have already started Boycotting the NFL.


  8. I really resent the fools that live in the greatest Nation on earth and choose to disrespect our Nation. Where else can they have the freedom to fight injustice but America. They need to leave our Nation and go somewhere they feel safe. Roger needs to be fired now.

  9. I am not a Facebook person since this protest but I want ALL VETERANS AND AMERICANS that I support them for the undying efforts to keep America safe, THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!!. Thanks Again

  10. I have not watched a game this season and will not watch again. I am a disabled veteran who honors and cherishes the flag and this great country I live in. it is the best place in the world to be from. Over paid stupid people only concerned with their own agenda don’t rate anywhere on my agenda when they refuse to honor our flag.

    • Kathleen, Oh Lord, don’t make me get rid of my car. I’m a Ford lover and own a 1989 Crown Vic that I choose to drive over our family car. I immediately made a vow not to watch football and that, too, will be a struggle. I’ve been a football fan since I supported Ohio State back during the Woodie Hayes days.

  11. I’m in for the boycott the NFL & the sponsors!!! I will mot watch any football this season or buy any products endorsed by the NFL!!!I will not buy any NFL gear as well!! Disrespecting our flag & our National Anthem is a big no no!!!

  12. I’ve already stopped watching the NFL – and will do so for every professional team that pulls this stupid disrespectful “kneeling” during the National Anthem – and for bringing their political beliefs into sports. I will stand with our veterans in this boycott!!!! I watch sports to be entertained – not to see athlete s express they personel political beliefs.

  13. SHAME ON THE NFL!!! Team Owners & Commissioner Goodell for allowing players to disrespect this Nation’s Flag and Anthem. While I agree that every citizen of this great country has the right to express their opinion (or protest), SPORTS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO EITHER!!! Players, Coaches, Owners, etc SHOULD NEVER be allowed to demonstrate the way that they have. NO KNELING, NO LOCKING ARMS, NO SITTING, NO HIDING IN THE LOCKER ROOM!!! STAND W/HAND OVER HEART and pay simple RESPECT to those that have died and continue to die for our rights. I WILL not watch another game, purchase any items or support any sponsor of the NFL.

  14. I’ll be taking a knee ~ to pick up my remote and make sure this this hateful, divisive, inconsequential nonsense is not broadcast in my home; not bringing it into my home via any advertisers either. NFL No Fans Left.

  15. I’ve not watched a game this season and never will again, I’ve not watched the worthless NBA for 10 years. I agree, a list of sponsors who have not pulled their ads would be great, I bombard and boycott every damned one of them….the player’s who disrespect the flag and National Anthem can rot in hell or the welfare office or both. They think they are special and entitled, well we’ll see how well they pay for their bling and tats with nothing!!!!!

  16. Good for those 82,000 patriots. I’m sick and tired of these over privileged NFL players, who enjoy the freedoms that our military men and women have fought and died for, taking a knee over the judicial system which they deem unfair to minorities. I have a suggestion for all who take a knee. Each one mentor a young “at risk” minority child. The problem begins in the home due to no father being involved with the children he created. If the NFL wants things to change, keep minority children out of the judicial system.

  17. Stop the nonsense and show your support and care for our veterans and our flag. End government subsidies and do NOT support the NFL or their sponsors. Veterans and their families have shed too much blood and scarified too much to be treated with such disrespect.

  18. These veterans are truly the heroes, not the whiny overpaid brats in the NFL. The sports players are so ignorant they don’t even know what the word oppressed means because NONE of them have EVER been oppressed by our country! If they want to protest what they call “social injustice” because a thug that had just robbed a store, then tried to kill police officers was rightfully killed, maybe they should go in street and kneel, but they have proven they have no morals, no character and no respect for the law (as many of them have been arrested). We the people stand with those who fought and died for us and our rights and your rights to be given an opportunity that most don’t get. We will continue to boycott the NFL and their sponsors that don’t either pull out or demand you respect our country and our flag. I hope the government also takes a percentage of all of your salaries to pay back the tax payer subsidies received for your stadiums. Perhaps when you rich overpaid brats lose your house, your play toys and your salary and end up in the unemployment line You will understand!!!!

  19. First of all why do our tax dollars subsidize an entity that makes more than the government a year? That money can be much better spent on bringing down Obama’s deficit spending. Secondly, American patriots have already begun cancelling season tickets and NFL packages on DISH and DIRECT TV. Goodell best realize it’s not good business to mess with a nation of Patriots, we still are the majority, for how long is anyone’s guess. Drain the swamp POTUS before us Patriots are no more. God Bless the US.


  21. I don’t watch football but a list of there sponsors will be great !!! F they don’t want to respect Our country ship them home!!!

  22. At New York Yankees home games, during the 7th inning stretch, the announcer asks over the P. A. System for everybody to stand and remove their caps while Kate Smith sings
    “God Bless America”. They first honor a U. S. Military veteran at home plate. The fan response is tremendous, with some holding up and displaying the AMERICAN flag. The player response is 100%. I suggest that the NFL learn a lesson from MLB.

  23. I’m Australian and hopping mad at these overpaid rats disrespecting your flag. Australia would not be here today without America and we appreciate it very much. As an outsider with an unbiased opinion i can tell you many Aussies see Trump as the only hope USA has. Make America great again.

  24. Calling all Americans….. We must lock our arms together stand proud and strong!!!! We can’t do this alone as individuals but UNITED WE STAND!!!!!! DIVIDED THEY WILL FALL!!!!! LET’S GET STRONG AMERICA

  25. I’m in, hope we have a big turnout. It’s time the right stands up and let everyone know we are still strong and care about our great country.

  26. I am Korean War vet. I love my country with all my heart and to have spoiled brats totally disrespect our country is a grave error. They need to be shown the error of their ways. I believe they have the right to protest. To do it in the nature in what they did is not acceptable. I fought for that right and if I were young enough I would gladly do it again.Their demonstration showed great disrespect to our country and vets. We need a total ban on their sport. Oh off.

  27. honor God family country you will enter the kingdom of heaven no where does the bible say bless the NFL or race or any certain manmade rules to fear God is beginning of wisdom

  28. Happy to oblige. Vets deserve to be honoured and respected; it’s the least that a grateful country can offer to those who risked their lives in defence of all the America holds dear. How ridiculous that grown men, earning millions to play in a sport, could have the audacity to think that the could compare in any way with real men and women defending their country. The dishonour, I am delighted to say, is a baptism of shame for all who engaged in this sad matter.

  29. We need to get back to God. God and country. These crybabies who think they are wonderful disrespecting our country just need to leave. Get the hell out of my wonderful USA and take your millions with you. You are a shame. You are why the rest of the world is laughing at us. Saying this is about race, skin color and etc. well you have my vote on race. You are the racists.

  30. Are these players so stupid they don’t realize they are dissing the thousands of people of color who fought and died to defend the country that flag represents?

  31. As a Veteran myself and former LEO with plenty of combat Vets and current LEOs in our family we have eliminated the NFL and their sponsors from our lives.

    I grew up in Detroit and these spoiled athletes were not oppressed in my school but treated like Gods from the second they show talent.

    I went to school with two black students that went on to play pro sports so I’ve seen it first hand that they were the opposite of abused by law enforcement.

    NFL employees and make no mistake they are employees! not Gods get a lot of breaks from cops and I am guilty of cutting a couple breaks myself but I am starting to think the players want to be above the law, I wouldn’t cut the NFL employees a break now that I know how they feel about LEOs, Veterans, and our country.

    These protests have turned into more than alleged abuse by cops as we are seeing black power salutes from NFL employees like Michael Bennett, by the way he lied about his encounter with the Vegas PD which violates NFL code of conduct.

    Marcus Peters a CB for the chiefs refused to stand for the Anthem in a show of support for the Vegas shooting victims and heroism of first responders but instead he sat because he supports kaepernick.

    Cam Newton found out the hard way all of that liberal love he was getting had strings attached, he thought free speech extended to after the game when he said it was funny to get questions about routes and coverage from a female reporter. It turns out that liberal love and free speech has consequences so Dannon yogurt dumped cam for his comments and we found out how fast this NFL employee could apologize.

    I am upset that Dannon couldn’t care less about the flag or anthem protests but pump the brakes when cam upset Dannon’s biggest customer base which is women. Lesson is NFL sponsors will dump the kneelers if we stick to our guns and NFL employees have a change of heart when their money is affected so hit them where it matters.

    NFL is a business so goodell can fine or suspend players for dozens of reasons and team owners and coaches can do the same or more if their employees are hurting the company or not following the rules.

    The kneelers need to man up and refuse police protection in and around the stadiums since police brutality against black folks is said to be what the protests are kneeling about so all of the officers protecting them are ok? It must be other cops that the kneelers are upset with.

    It is quite the contradiction with all of that police protection and the armed security patrolling their gated communities it is rough. You don’t see these players living in the cities they play for but they could buy a house in the poorest areas and help out by coaching youth football then teach the kids to obey a police officer’s commands that and a little common sense so nobody gets hurt because I’ve had stops where I couldn’t believe the actions of some kid or guy that I was dealing with.

    NFL employees should be required to perform a dozen traffic stops in a high crime area at night with vehicles having blackened windows or have to chase a guy only to have them stop to reach into their coat pocket to throw dope or just to get a thrill but it’s not a good time it is life and death but I would like to see these coddled kneelers get it right at the professional level cops do.

    This is why everyone knows this kneeling for the anthem is anti-American behavior and hiding behind free speech when they know the NFL has rules that govern how a employee must behave.

    45 years a steeler fan and I will go out of my way to avoid anything and everything NFL from games on TV to sponsors because the NFL will need the little people long before we would need them. I never cared for the behavior of many players during the anthem, even when they stood you could tell it meant little to nothing so the kneelers confirmed it.

    There are excuses like we are just standing up to Trump well that isn’t good enough because Obama did a lot of things I hated but nothing he said or did could make me kneel for our anthem.

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