Air Force Ignites Media Outrage Around Black Cadets, Then Realizes Huge Mistake

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria instructing thousands of cadets on racial relations following the "racial incident".

Just weeks ago as September came to an end, one video took national headlines by storm. The video in question is General Jay Silveria’s response to a racial attack launched against a handful of minority cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy.

The original message in question, which reportedly read “go home n****” prompted widespread outrage as well as an official investigation.

Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, Silveria demands in the video that anyone who fails to treat others with dignity and respect should “get out”.

Interestingly, but not so surprisingly, an official investigation was never completed before General Silveria turned the situation into an opportunity to virtue signal leftist ideals. Using the black cadets’ admission as his only evidence, General Jay scolded the auditorium of Air Force cadets.

But now that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has concluded its in-depth review, a very different story has emerged.

Just confirmed by NY Daily News, the black cadet candidate who claimed he was targeted in fact wrote the racial slurs himself, attempting to deceive his peers as well as Academy leadership.

The Air Force Academy’s spokesman, Lt. Colonel Allen Herritage further validated the fact:

“We can confirm that one of the candidates who was allegedly targeted by racists remarks written outside of their dorm room was actually responsible for that act. The individual admitted responsibility and this was validated by the investigation.”

Further sources suggest the cadet candidate attempted to use the controversy in a last-ditch bid to get out of punishment he faced for other misconduct.

The cadet candidate in question is no longer enrolled at the Air Force Academy, but the bigger issue lingers still: how can the Air Force, and the military at large, function effectively if there are double-standards applied to minority incidents?

The emotionally-charged answer originally delivered by the school’s leadership was based not in a factual revelation, but instead founded on whimsy and liberal hysteria. If true equality is to be gained on all fronts, a fair and balanced approach is the only solution—one that doesn’t cater to the crippling “PC” mentality that has worked to degrade transparency and military effectiveness.

If the Pentagon hopes to make progress in reshaping a healthy military culture, our military leaders must first realize they aren’t in the business to coddle emotions and hold hands. Only then may our armed forces revert to its one and only true function: winning wars and protecting America.

Sources: NY Daily NewsGazette

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