All Eyes on President Trump as World Awaits Possibility of War

The world is now on edge, waiting if President Trump will respond with military force to the supposed chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Assad—on a rebel-held suburb filled with civilians.

Syria was hit already when President Trump ordered an airstrike on their chemical weapons depot.

The opposition force in Syria, the Syrian Civil Defense Force, claims that over 40 people were murdered and entire families were executed by gas this past Saturday. The attack took place in the town of Douma and was carried out by Assad’s troops.

The war-torn country’s civil war has now raged for longer than seven years. During this time, there have been multiple accounts of chemical attacks—but no action from the previous U.S. administration.

President Trump has also placed blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing to his support for Assad. He also placed responsibility on the leaders of Iran. When asked if Putin will bear consequences for the attack, President Trump made it very clear:

“If he does, it’s going to be very tough, very tough … Everybody’s going to pay a price. He will, everybody will.”

What is the strike likely to look like, if it does happen?

It will no doubt be larger than the one launched against the chemical weapons depot on April 7, 2017. According to a former military official who spoke on condition of anonymity to USA Today, the U.S. is now likely planning attacks on pilots and commanders as well.

The Syrian government has denied all claims of any chemical attacks and claims the U.S. is attempting to use “reckless escalation” to lead the world to war.

The Pentagon confirmed that they will require hard evidence before following through with any formal strike. If the U.S. does strike Syria, it will likely spark all-out war with Russia and Iran—a much larger concern than Assad himself.