Senators Unite to Stop VA Confirmation

April 24, 2018 James Baker 0

Senators are now discussing the possibility of delaying President Trump’s Veteran Affairs nominee as some are now stirring controversy that he is unfit for the job. White House doctor and Navy rear admiral, Ronny Jackson, was originally scheduled to go before the nomination committee on Wednesday, but that may now be pushed back. Senate Democrat Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is one of the politicians involved in the push-back. A member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, he says the questions being raised are more than fair. “I think there may well be a need for more time, in fairness to (Read More)

Shocking Video of Re-Enlistment Goes Viral, Leaders Removed Immediately

April 20, 2018 James Baker 0

An Air National Guard Colonel from Tennessee has been demoted and removed from his post after a video was posted online and went viral. Seen clearly in the video, the Colonel allows a senior NCO to take an oath of re-enlistment while wearing a puppet on her right hand. The unnamed NCO who video-taped the proceedings has also lost his rank as First Sergeant and is facing administrative action—but will stay in the guard. Watch below: WTF Remember when the Profession of Arms was taken seriously?!? SMDH!!! Tennessee Air National Guard Public Affairs United States Air Force Air National Guard (Read More)

U.S. Now Working with Allies on Joint Syria Strike

April 13, 2018 James Baker 0

The United States along with Britain and France united Thursday night over plans to respond with military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces following the vicious chemical attack that was carried out last week. President Trump held meetings with his national security team and members of the Pentagon to weigh all military options against the country. Two days ago the president sent a tweet directed at Putin for his support of Assad despite his use of vicious chemical attacks against his own people. Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because (Read More)

All Eyes on President Trump as World Awaits Possibility of War

April 12, 2018 James Baker 0

The world is now on edge, waiting if President Trump will respond with military force to the supposed chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Assad—on a rebel-held suburb filled with civilians. Syria was hit already when President Trump ordered an airstrike on their chemical weapons depot. The opposition force in Syria, the Syrian Civil Defense Force, claims that over 40 people were murdered and entire families were executed by gas this past Saturday. The attack took place in the town of Douma and was carried out by Assad’s troops. The war-torn country’s civil war has now raged for longer than (Read More)

Air Force May Allow Enlisted Service Members the First Chance Since World War II

April 5, 2018 James Baker 0

Eugene Taylor still thinks back to the days when he was first enlisting, remembering them fondly as other enlisted airmen like himself were eager to touch the sky. Enlisting in 1968 and deploying to Vietnam, Taylor served as a mechanic on an avionics team. Almost 10 years later, a veteran mechanic and tech sergeant, he became a T-37 and T-38 simulation instructor with the 71st Flying Training Wing at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma. He was so skilled that he was sometimes given permission to fly the T-38. It’s been decades since anything like that was allowed. However, as (Read More)