How Mattis Spent His Birthday Weekend Is The Definition Of Service

September 14, 2018 G W 0

Many agree that for the first time in years, the United States Department of Defense, which is responsible for oversight of the entire armed forces, is led by a man that the troops respect. James Mattis was not some political figure who never served and rose to prominence like former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; he was an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and was respected even then. This week, Secretary of Defense Mattis turned 68 years old. He didn’t spend his birthday at some high-society event in Washington D.C., Martha’s Vineyard, or New York City, though, he (Read More)

Judge Orders Raid After Homeless Vet ‘GoFundMe’ Theft

September 13, 2018 G W 0

Last year, a homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt, came to the assistance of Kate McClure, whose car had run out of gasoline. With his last $20, he bought her gasoline so she could get home, and as a result of that kind act, a crowdfunding campaign raised more than $400,000 to help Bobbitt, a veteran, get back on his feet. However, the couple apparently decided that they knew best, claiming that the veteran couldn’t be trusted with the donations. After a lawsuit was filed, their actions have taken on a more sinister look. Now the question is where that money went, (Read More)

Mattis ‘Making Changes’ On Personnel Assignments After Niger Ambush

September 7, 2018 G W 0

When the United States military deploys its special operations soldiers, whether they’re Green Berets, Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, DEVGRU, or even Air Force Pararescue troops, they’re deploying highly-trained assets that represent hundreds of thousands of dollars of training, the kind of people who can win decisive victories in impossible odds. That’s why when a group of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were cut down in an ambush in Niger, it was such big news, and such a blow to the military. In response, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a former Marine who saw combat abroad, is pushing to change (Read More)

Vietnam Veteran Honored With Medals 50 Years Later

August 30, 2018 G W 0

The Vietnam war was not popular in its time, and many who served didn’t receive their just reward for their bravery, whether from the civilian populace or from the government that sent them to war. David Groe of Lake Mills, Iowa, was just such a person. At least, until Friday, August 24, 2018, when a few friends, and a local school, gave him the medals he earned but never received for his war-time service. He was both surprised and delighted at the event that honored him, his service, and presented him with his awards and citations for them. Like many (Read More)

President Trump Makes 9-Year History For Military

August 15, 2018 G W 0

To say that people in the military are underpaid for their work is an understatement. The work of an enlisted soldier or officer can include such horrific dangers as encountering NBC materials (nuclear, chemical, biological), being shot at, and a number of other frightful things that most people in the private sector would never do for the pay that soldiers are given. President Donald J. Trump made a promise during his campaign to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, a promise that he would stand with them and be their advocate, whether that meant new tanks (Read More)