Combat-Decorated Green Beret Takes On a New Enemy: The Washington Swamp

Green Beret Michael Waltz isn't dancing to the same old tune. He's aiming at a new mission in Washington DC.

The 2018 election season has showcased the rise of extreme leftists in hard-left parts of the nation, and to many voters, it seems these ‘democratic socialists’ have received the lion’s share of air time, despite their general lack of qualification or accomplishment. In Florida, once veteran hope to change that dynamic.

That candidate, who is prepared to do battle with the swamp, is Michael Waltz, and he’s running for Florida’s Sixth Congressional District. The seat he’s decided to fill is currently held by Congressman Ron DeSantis, who is running for governor.

Most impressive is that Waltz wears the famed cross arrows on his lapel, signifying that not only did he have a military career, but that he served in the United States Army Special Forces, colloquially known as the Green Berets.

Virginia Military Institute graduate, he was then commissioned into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant (O-1).

He graduated Airborne School, Ranger School, and completed the Special Forces Qualification Course and earned the green beret, then served the United States in combat in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa.

He’s a decorated veteran of combat, and he led the search for Private Bowe Bergdahl after he deserted his post. During his 21 years in service before he retired, he earned four bronze stars, two of which were for valor.

Lieutenant Colonel (O-6) Waltz, US Army retired, continued to serve, offering his expertise as a White House Policy Advisor to two different Secretaries of Defense, and served as Dick Cheney’s counterterrorism advisor.

The Lt. Col. founded a small business, Metis Solutions, to help the Department of Defense to analyze terrorist financing, and in doing so learned how over-regulation has hampered business growth, especially for small businesses.

Now, he wants to bring that record of success and that astonishing work ethic to the United States Congress.

In an interview at the American Thinker, he talked about how he watched his mother live the American dream, going from working three jobs to being the vice president of a business.

He also talked about his views on the #MeToo movement, and on the accusations that have come with it.

Waltz said that while, as the father of a teenage daughter, he has no tolerance for the likes of Harvey Weinstein or Les Moonves, there must be “a balance,” and that lives shouldn’t be ruined just due to a “spurious accusation.”

The LTC, who has spent much of his life fighting to undermine Islamic extremism, also wanted to show people that the extremists were atrocious on the topic of treatment of women, and women’s rights in general.  He pointed out that that thing extremists feared most was a girl with a book.

He also talked about President Donald Trump, and his respect for what he’s managed to accomplish in such a short timeframe.

Concerning border control and immigration, he mentioned that Donald Trump offered democrats a deal on DACA, which they rejected.  The former antiterrorism expert also mentioned that a porous border doesn’t just allow illegal immigrants and drugs into the United States; it could also allow terrorists in.

When it came to NATO, he lauded President Trump’s attempts to get America’s allies to actually live up to their commitments.  He talked about how many speeches he wrote for defense secretaries Rumsfeld and Gates asking for that very thing, only for ‘allies’ to shrug them off.

While socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have busied themselves with proposing socialist policies like ‘medicare for all’ as some sort of panacea for America’s problems, Waltz said that one need only look as far as Cuba or Venezuela to see that socialism has nothing positive to offer.

He pointed out that both Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Gillum have said that they wanted to raise taxes, which would stifle the economy and take more money from working people to pay for absurdly expensive government programs.

However, he wasn’t complacent about the battle he faced for election.  He correctly identified that the Democrat Party in the United States was “sliding toward socialism,” and that they had an open border agenda.  Waltz also said that the DNC continued to call for impeachment (even without any suitable reason to do so), and sought to grind the President’s agenda to a halt.

Who better to send to the swamp to fight for Americans than a man who has fought for his country across the world, a man who was trained to do so?