Democrats Launch Bill to Destroy President Trump’s Military Parade

Democrat Congressman Marc Veasey of Texas.

The Pentagon is now moving forward with the preparation of options for President Trump’s proposed military parade. It’s not clear, however, if it will ever come to fruition—Democrats have already sprung into opposing action.

On January 18th during a meeting at the Pentagon, President Trump made the request for military personnel to assemble in Washington for a large parade. The idea first appeared when Trump announced his approval for a parade of similar statute to the one held on France’s Bastille Day in Paris.

Defense Secretary Mattis made public statement on Wednesday that he was leading the Pentagon to create different options to make President Trump’s request a reality.

One Navy SEAL went Viral on Thursday when he sent out an opposing tweet.

Following on Thursday night, Democrats introduced the “PARADE” Act—a direct jab at the president’s wish for a celebration.

It is an acronym Democratic lawmakers created that stands for “Preventing the Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures”.

Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey of Texas says he and others are championing the bill “to prevent taxpayer funded resources to bring an authoritarian-inspired show-of-force to life.”

He also claims the move is simply “an expensive political ploy whose sole aim is to boost Trump’s approval ratings.”

A Democrat congressman from Tennessee also endorsed and co-signed the bill, saying Trump’s demands for a parade are “testosterone-driven”.

“We use our military force as an instrument for advancing our ideals, not to intimidate as showy tyrants and autocrats do,” he blasted in a public statement.

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