Enough Is Enough: Veterans Respond To National Anthem Protests

Colin Kaepernick Takes A Knee During A 2016 NFL Pre-Season Game
What Colin Kaepernick started has now snowballed into a national display of disgusting disrespect.

If you’ve followed the news in the past week–and even if you haven’t–you’re no doubt aware of the NFL debacle.

Overpaid executives and pampered athletes have joined forces, but not to honor and respect America. No, these members of the National Football League have made sure to reignite andĀ backĀ what Colin Kaepernick started last season: kneeling during our National Anthem.

How do veterans feel?

Republican CongressmanĀ Brian Mast, a veteran who lost both legs during combat in Afghanistan, saysĀ these players should beĀ shown the door, and at the very least penalized.

ā€œI have taken a knee after jumping out of a helicopter as we looked for the enemy, taken a knee in front of the Soldiers Cross as we mourned a fallen brother and taken a knee in church. Any player who has taken a knee to protest this great country during its anthem should already be gone,” explainedĀ the Florida Republican Congressman.

But Congressman Mast isn’t the only one. Steelers’ offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva made national headlines after refusing to join the rest of his teammates who decided to sit the anthem out. Villanueva is a West Point graduate and served three tours of duty, earning the Bronze Star for his acts of valor.

While the NFL claims to care about fighting “oppression” and simply wants to “level the playing field” for all Americans, it’s clear that their current solution is nothing but a cop-out. What have they actually contributed to solve the problems they so desperately claim affect America? It’s interesting that none of the players bent on stirring controversy have actually taken positive action.

Donate money. Get involved in your community. Affect a positive change. But have any of them done this? No.

Because protesting is easy. Taking a knee to spit in the face of America’s values–the values that thousands of men and women have died to defend–provides nothing to affect real change. Instead, it has contributed to division and hatred.

At the end of the day, protecting our Nation’s flag, anthem, and military members should be our number one priority. Because if they didn’t “have our 6”, there would be no NFL in the first place–or America for that matter.

Sources: Washington TimesFox News


    • fire them all, yes they are cry babies don’t deserve any respect id rather spit in their face than say good morning to their worthless, sport used to be looked to to hell not any more they are to be shamed , my family is serving right now to give these candy asses the opportunity to play their silly little games being pain 30 times what he is making so they can yes if I ever was given the opportunity to walk on that field while they were on that knee I would give them a shove , and watch them hit the ground, now that would put a huge smile on my face

      • My family in Ireland suffered over 900 years of slavery and oppression. It only lasted 150 years here. And it wasn’t invented here, either. It existed since the dawn of man.

        We were just the very first country to completely eliminate all forms of slavery, and we (everybody, black and white) have every reason to be proud of that and our flag.

        And since you want to go back in history, did you know that slavery existed in Africa for over 700 years BEFORE the first white person set foot on that continent?

        Yep, one tribe would defeat another and sell them as slaves for profit. How do you think Europeans purchased the slaves that made their way to America? Mmmm?

        They bought them from other blacks.

        So forget your stupid ancient history, my friend.

        TODAY, Blacks and other minorities are more than successful enough to prove the system works. Didn’t we just have a black president? And these infantile, ungrateful little ignoramuses that are taking a knee are paid a million dollars a game in THIS COUNTRY. They signed a contract to respect the flag during the national anthem. YES, the contract states they have to be ON THE FIELD, STANDING, Helmut in hand, hand of heart, during the Anthem.

        FIRE THEM ALL.

        • God bless you Kelly! You wrote the truth. The problem with the young adults today is they know nothing about the history of it all…and it all is written in the greatest history book ever written, called the Bible.

        • Yup. Not only turn the channel, but do everything within our power to shut down these disrespectful thugs.. No more taxpayer subsidies, no more sponcers, no more tax exempt , and last of all request department of justice to investigate discrimination since there is a dis-approiate number of blacks and whites on the teams.

        • WELL SAID KELLY. Bless the men still standing while the overpaid juveniles don’t even know what it is to fight for freedom. I hope they and their owners allowing this all are removed or lose so much business they go under. Families can’t afford to go to games anymore anyway.

    • Gary they will not punish this scum because they all need each other.The only way to punish them is to boycott their game.As they say birds of a feather flock together.

  1. This whole thing grieves my heart! Too many men have given their lives to make America the great country that it is. If the NFL continues to show disrespect this way, they will tear our country apart and we will no longer be great.

    Thank you for doing your part to keep our country free! It is because of our military that we have been respected all over the world. Keep up the good work and America will be a great county once again!

    Thank you to all military men and women, and thank you to all veterans!

    God bless all of you!

  2. I totally agree. Roger Goodell and the NFLPA should have stopped this a long time ago. While I agree with racial equality, this is the wrong platform and should have been stopped a year ago.

    To stop this now, all the NFL and NFLPA have to do is make an announcement prior to the National Anthem simply stating that “We ask for a moment of silence for Racial equality” after the moment of silence then announce “Please stand for our National Anthem” to honor our Soldiers, Fallen Soldiers and Veterans!

    It’s not too late!!!!!

    • Ken Wilson, your suggestion makes a tremendous amount of sense. Roger Goodell didn’t and still doesn’t have the nerve to do what he must know is the right thing. Instead he choose to hang back with his head in the sand and allow this silliness reach the critical mass. Shame on him….He is the boss and he didn’t lead. Then, our president made a statement that only served to throw gas onto the flames. He would have better served the country by just keeping his mouth closed.

  3. I agree. What have they contributed to our nation? They are overgrown man-children who are still playing a childhood game and being paid handsomely for their prowess. They are not good role models. We hear about their womanizing, their abusive behaviors toward women, children and animals. I will not watch pro-ball. I have no respect for the players or the coaches.

  4. These idiot sports teams and Hollywood scum need to be shipped to North Korea. Bet they come back kissing the American ground

  5. The National Anthem and American Flag are totally inappropriate to use as a protest weapon. I’m a 25 year veteran. How much more do some Americans expect us to “give?” So many made the untimate sacrifice… their life. I’m now a 100% disabled veteran. I left a part of myself on the battlefield in the Middle East. The Stars and Stripes is a symbol of freedom… freedom of speech, yes, I defended it. Protests, I defended them. All veterans did. However, why the National Anthem and American Flag? Can’t you find a venue to protest that doesn’t “hurt” the very people that fought to allow you that freedom. Nothing like cutting off the hand that feeds you.

  6. I have no words to describe such disrespectful, repugnant, & downright UNGRATEFUL buncha big babies in my life!! Is there another country on face of this Earth where they could have achieved what they did here & to be rewarded with obscene amount of money!! Shame on NFL & owners!! The libs & blacks crying for their own country…let’s give it to them! Like Jews in Germany were gonna be sent to Madagascar, let’s give them a Commonwealth like A.V.I., Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa…or ALL OF THEM!! Like Palestinians, see how long takes them to screw it up!!

  7. First and most importantly I’d like to say thank you to our past and present Hero’s, our Veterans and active service men and women. Sports is not about politics so quit using your uniform to disrespect our GREAT COUNTRY. I for one will refuse to watch or support these NFL or any other sports-games. You players are without respect for the very people who have given you the freedom to play sports in this country. I don’t care about you race, creed, color or where you’ve come from. This is NOT about YOU…you are paid solely for the entertainment of sports and make big money doing just that. You have crossed that line of respect and are disgusting.

  8. I have watched my last NFL football game. I don’t care if they apologize and change their ways. They’ve showed their colors. Once a traitor always a traitor.

  9. They have disgraced the fallen soldiers that have lost there lifeā€™s protecting America and the American way of life, with there disgraceful act, I will never go to or watch another nfl game. And the coach of the Steelers and any coach that cordoned this behavior should be fired, and the players that stand and honor the anthem & the flag should be released and banned from ever playing again. America stand up and be counted boycott the nfl .

  10. AMERICA The shining beacon in a troubled world.Seems to e under attack from with in b a group of people.Well paid athletes are showing contemp for AMERICA by protesting the anthem and flag. The common thread is that they are doing it to protest the racal divisions in their country. NO group was more trampled on than the native american indian. Yet I have not seen them take a knee to protest.
    A lot of this anger is because of slavery , but the truth is many of the slaves were sold into slavery by their own people………..FAR TOO MANY HAVE DIED TO GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO PROTEST, PLEASE DO NOT PROTEST THE FLAG OR ANTHEM but protest real issues like criminal behaviour, gunme shooting in schools and planned assassinations of police officers in their parked cruisers.

  11. They don’t stand, I don’t watch. Fortunately, I didn’t see the first game last year but I read about it the next day. I decided then that I would not watch until it stopped. It didn’t and I didn’t. I’m starting my 2nd year of boycott and will compromise my standards, morals, and love for the United States, the Flag, the Anthem and the men and women that have served our country for NO ONE. Thank you to all those that have served and are serving in the Armed Services, our policemen, and firefighters. I love and support you!

  12. I’m no longer watching any NFL games. We all have the right to protest that is true. But by doing that protest during the national anthem it doesn’t say I protest against the government, cops, the president, black lives matter, or whatever. It’s disrespectful. How about stand for the national anthem, then kneel the rest of the game? It’s out of hand at this point and I won’t support it

    • Bill O’Reilly said that in Afghanistan the military get to watch the football games. He said to imagine them seeing the game in London where our players took a knee for our National Anthem, but stood when they played theirs. They were disrespected in a foreign country while serving our country. How sad is that?

  13. Roger Goodell has shown zero leadership he has permitted this to happen and should be fired! He afraid of the players and losing his high paying job to step up and show leadership by stopping this low life conduct of the players!! The team owners are also to blame for permitting this to happen, the Commissioner works for the owners and they should fire him. Any player that disagrees should be banned from the NFL. Itā€™s past time for action. Those players with few exceptions no nothing about real combat and have disrespected the America Military, they need to take a lesson from NASCAR!! The kids need to grow up and stop the nonsense!

  14. True Americans, especially the hopeful American who never gives up trying to live the dream, love this country and all she stands for. Her veteran defenders are the bravest souls in the world and her citizens are the luckiest in the world. It is heart breaking that illegals are allowed to waltz in and covet our American dream and reap all the benefits she offers handed to them freely on a silver platter then turn around and disrespect our values and land in all ways of destruction from our freedoms to learning and working, breaking our laws and threatening our very existence. While true deserved Americans strive for the dream living paycheck to paycheck if they have a job. There are too many Americans homeless and veterans in need of work and or medical attention that are still in need of help. And yet this practice runs rampant more everyday due the federal burocrat far left liberals with only their self interests in mind and doing everything to rid us of democracy. I’m a born American, I stand proud with allegiance to my flag for my country. We want our America back!

  15. I don’t want to sound racist, but most of the football players that I see on TV who want to keel during the Anthem are black men. I also see white players, but when I hear Black Lives Matter, then I feel my life as a Veteran matters also. I stand for the flag and the Anthem, why can’t you guys do the same. I fought for our country and you when you were just a little baby, and now you want to treat me like I was chop liver. I got paid $188.00 per month and you get million, yes that is because I did not play football, but that gives you no right to shame our country’s National Anthem or our Flag.
    So if you still want guys like me and others to keep paying those heavy ticket prices so you can be million aires then why don’t you get right with the flag and the Nation Anthem?

    • Thank you for your service to our country and you are a true American. God bless you for everything you did to keep us safe then have to see these ignorant over rated and high priced idiots disrespecting our Country.

      God bless you and thank you for your service to our country to keep us all safe. You are a true American and have to watch these sick high priced idiots disrespecting our Country. They should be fired and see how they survive on low income like the rest of us.

      Thank you.

  16. Spoiled sports millionaires and billionaire team owners have the 1st Amendment right to disrespect our flag, national anthem and country.

    Those of us who honor and defend our flag, national anthem and country have the right to protest their behavior by boycotting their leagues, products, broadcasts and sponsors.

  17. And for Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys to think he did ANY better by going out onto the field and linking arms with ALL his players during the National Anthem and then taking a knee afterwards; it wasn’t any better. The linking of arms during the Anthem is just as bad. These over-paid cry babies NEED to learn how to protest. Because protesting during the National Anthem is only showing DIS-RESPECT for the men and women that have fought and still fight; along with the ones that have lost their lives protecting OUR country and “OUR FREEDOM TO PROTEST”. Let them all go over to a 3rd world country and live for awhile. Bet they all would come back and be glad to “STAND FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM” then. Jerry Jones just CAVED IN when it came time for their game last night. He told his players they would sit on the bench if they did stand with their hands over their hearts. Too bad Jerry. You had so many people that had already come out and said we would all become Cowboy fans. But you sank to their level.


    • I was all behind Jerry Jones also Janet until he made this foolhardy move to go out and lock arms with these jackasses. Some of them are good but most aren’t worth a lick of salt compared to our Veterans Amen!

  18. I’m a USMC Veteran. I’m outraged by the those NFL players who take a knee during the National Anthem. It’s a total disregard to our flag and to our country. It is extremely disrespectful to all have have made the ultimate sacrifice or lost lost a limb(s). It also divides a nation when we should be united as one. Those NFL players should be fired and their sponsors should drop them. Then they should leave this great nation!!!!!

  19. What oppression and injustice? This is the best country in the world. Thousands flock here every year because they want to live here. Show me the oppressed people – those on welfare? Because they choose to be? Because it pays more than working for a living and serving your country! U.S. Navy Retired and Vietnam Nam veteran.

  20. They need to be in the Military and refuse to salute an officer. I’ve heard officers tell GI’s they did not have to respect them as a man but they sure hell had better respect his uniform for what it stood for.

  21. This is so ridiculous, the Steelers, the Patriots, and the Broncos used to be my favorite team. I’m from Ohio where the Bengals play but they don’t never participate in anything anyhow so I gave up on them but, when these teams decided to disrespect me, my country, my flag, and my national anthem then I called it quits.
    The NFL has gone so far down that it will never ever recover. There are too many active-duty and retired veterans that wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for the NFL after this yes I realize I don’t speak for every veteran but I’m sure I’m really sure that I know my brothers and sisters stand with me. God bless all branches of the military, God bless all American veterans active duty retired and those deceased, and God bless our great nation.

    • The A-wiping liberal slime lefties have managed to hijack the NFL to their cause celebre by wiping their knees with our flag. You speak for me, James. I, 7 years enlisted, 13 officer corps. 20 years to CRSC total disability, and not being a millionaire, I have to argue for appropriate treatment at my VA.

  22. Our flag is a symbol of our country. We should respect the flag by standing when we are able, hand over the heart while singing the anthem. We have a choice to live in the country and respect its morals. People have given their lives for our freedom to be here. Appreciate it or find another place to live. No problem for me to have moment of silence for equality or silent prayers, whatever. But show respect and honor for the symbol of our great nation.

  23. I am an immigrant myself when I was 10 my parents moved here the legal way took 5 yrs and thousands off dollars. Think people should do it legal or go home.

  24. Vietnam veteran here. Endured combat, lost 23 fellow cavalry pilots. What has these millionairs sacrificed in support of their country? Spoiled, ingrates I refuse to support any longer, them or their sponsors. Boycott!

  25. Most of all the WHITE STRIPES stands for THE ALMIGHTY GOD & they have disrespected HIM & that is not Allah either. Without GOD this country will be destroyed.

  26. I did not buy a Ford C-Max because they support the NFL players disrespecting the Flag, The Anthem, and our Soldiers who have given their all. I will sell my stock in Ford and other companies that support disrespecting our country.

  27. As a 100% combat disabled Marine for 49 years I can tell you I wish I could stand for the National Anthem. These sissified overpaid football players can Go To Hell.

    Since the first knee the NFL has made $0 off from me and until after the last knee they will continue to make not one dollar off me or my entire family. We do not watch them in person, on TV and never purchase anything that makes any money for them. I have 10 children, 24 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. You are losing all of our money. Then there are the other 14 Marines in my family.

    When these spoiled pieces of crap take a knee it is saying with actions and words that United States Veterans who have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to keep them living like we never will are worth nothing. They are saying or lives, limbs and very sanity wasted to keep them free means nothing to them. They are saying the country that gave them to opportunity to be filthy rich is being mean to them. They are unappreciative and need to be spanked.

    Well, so called humans who play football, I live in a very old, broken down, worthless trailer but I am richer than your sorry behinds will ever be. I am rich in the knowledge that you morons are free because of me and people like me. But you don’t appreciate that either.

  28. Just read an article today of the statistics for arrests for NFL players. One player every 7 days on average is arrested! The longest the NFL has gone without an arrest is 65 days. Doesn’t that say it all about the caliber of the players? All the NFL has to do is say that the NFL will not be a platform for political views and that NFL staff are free to protest outside of work hours (just like most other jobs). If they don’t, they lost their job.
    No interest in supporting NFL or NBA.

  29. Any NFL team whose owners allow this type of disgrace to our country should be aware that there will be a backlash from patriotic Americans who will boycott their teams. It will come to pass. Their sponsors will feel the impact also. I have not watched an NFL game since all this crap started and I don’t miss it at all.

  30. I hope that the majority of the people who live here in the USA and around the world will sit this one out. A lesson has to be learned and there is No better time than right now. The league will now be remembered as The Noticeably Forgotten League.

  31. No NFL period the owners, coaches and players have demonstrated they have no regard for the heroes of this country. They all think they are heroes walking around on a patch of grass all padded up making a bfd over moving a ball a few inches or a few feet. When they are really exalted is when the make a touchdown or fieldgoal, you would think they had just taken the biggest stronghold isis has. Unfortunately that is not how war works. When a military person loses his/her life it is forever there is no next Sunday for another chance. The fools that think war is not costly and refuse to respect what our heroes and police do need to look around and give a little gratitude for what they are receiving for the opportunity for the life the have. Ask the Steeler what it is like in those places and get a life.

  32. Thank you for all the heartfelt war cries that I just read. My God bless everyone here and all there families. As a Navy veteran it saddens my heart to think there is such selfish people that claim to be adults and leaders in this country. People that would use their ignorance to spread this kind of disrespect and disgrace to our flag, nation, those that serve, those that have served, the fallen and the retired. Let me not forget the families that have sacrificed by lending their love ones to this great nation so that we may all be free. Even these idiots! I just wonder how many of these fools are related to someone who sacrifice for their stupid aā€¢ā€¢ā€¢s! So in conclusionā€¦ When you donā€™t know what to do, do what you know. I will definitely start with continued prayer for this great nation for all of our military and families for those men and women that have fallen and for those that are retired. Last but not least…absolutely 100% boycott anything that has to do with NFL! My prayers and heart are with all who serve or have served this country! Police and Firefighters too!

  33. As a veteran this kind of warped behavior saddens me.Disrespect for our National anthem and flag is the same as spitting on the graves of all who have given their lives for this country.This ilk is benefiting from these sacrifice’s and have no gratitude whatsoever.

  34. The NFL even has it in its own rulebook that anything less than being on the sidelines for the National Anthem and standing tall with your helmet in your left hand and right hand over your heart is UNACCEPTABLE! The rule states clearly that failure to comply is and actionable offense both individually for players and corporately for teams; punishments ranging from fines and suspensions to loss of draft choices. Ironically, it also takes great pains to point out that the NFL will be judged by the public on how they treat the National Anthem.

    Well, I am part of that public. I am also a veteran. I have judged the NFL on this issue and, to borrow a verse from Ecclesiastes, found them wanting. They swagger and bluster and brag about how they support the troops and how patriotic they are, but their words are empty. Their actions, however, are loud and crystal clear. They’re more concerned with being politically correct than doing what’s right. Roger Goodell could’ve put a quick end to this when it started in the 2016 preseason with Colin Kaepernick, but did NOTHING, even though his league’s own bylaws give him the power and the authority to do so. He’ll heavily punish plays for excessive celebrations, for calling out game officials, go to the ends of the earth to punish someone who he thinks but doesn’t really know for sure has used underinflated footballs, but does NOTHING when they disrespect and defile Flag and Country and those who serve both with Honor and Integrity. He has demonstrated that he cannot and will not provide the leadership necessary to put and end to this ridiculousness and to deal with the other problems plaguing the NFL, such as traumatic brain injuries and their aftermath, the steadily increasing instances of players who are being accused of domestic violence and sexual assault . . . the list goes on.

    I think we’re beginning to see the start of a long decline for the NFL. Their hubris and arrogance is on full display for all to see, yet they are blind to it. I’ve loved the NFL for as long as I can remember; but the American Patriot in me can no longer abide the blatant and intentional disrespect and defilement being shown for my most deeply-held beliefs, nor in good conscience give even tacit support to the institution that enables them to do so.

  35. I am a Vietnam veteran that will always be proud of our country, the flag, the national anthem, and all our first responders, military veterans, policeman, fireman, EMT’s. Let these rich spoiled kids get over it. We love our country and will never do anything to disrespect it. USA, USA!!!!

  36. What a wonderful listing of comments about these unpatriotic idiotic-acting people who obviously chose to forget all that HAS BEEN done in the name of equality.

    Terrific ideas about boycotting the NFL by not going to the games, not buying related merchandise and boycotting businesses who support these asinine actions. Guess I’ll quit watching on TV until I can be assured I will not see crap like this again. Also great to let ALL sponsors, like Ford, know you will not be buying their products until disrespectful demonstrations tied to the Anthem or flag are eliminated. Stopping the $ flow to owners, sponsors, TV and ultimately to demonstrators would stop this junk!
    Big deal (hooey!) if they are demonstrating in this way because they don’t like what a man said. My babies use to cry and sit down if they didn’t get their way. Firm response by either parent soon stopped that demo.

  37. Bunch of over paid & over loved scum bags !!!!! They do not belong in the u.s.a !!!!!! Send them to russia or cuba !!!!! They’ll love it there & be loved there !!!!!! Maybe than these idiots will know what america is all about !!!

  38. Bunch of over paid & over celebrated scum bags !!!! Go visit russia and cuba !!!! Maybe than you dirt bags would know how good you’v had it in america !!! You are nothing but bunch of idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Does any vets remember that you take a knee during the anthem in honor of a fallen brother. Does anyone remember during ww2 the reason ing behind the national law that made it illegal to make anyone have to recite the pledge or stand and salute or cover your heart during the anthem. We were fighting fascism in the world. Evil hatefilled, murderers. Attacking someone peacefully protesting about being attacked. This is true blind hate!

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