Football League Gives National Anthem Announcement

XFL Founder Vince McMahon.

The XFL, an alternative to the National Football League, is set to launch in year 202 with no political tilt. Its founder Vince McMahon, however, says players will honor the American tradition of standing in silence for the national anthem.

Leaders at the World Wresting Entertainment company did not provide specific guidelines for the rules they intend to set. This was aligned with the rest of their recent news conference where specifics on partners and location were also set to be determined at a later date.

With that said, McMahon confirmed that it would be “appropriate” for players to get up off the bench and their knees to stand. Beyond that specific rule, another clause will ban players with a criminal history from competing—this alone will likely disqualify otherwise qualified candidates.

Although seemingly conveniently-timed, the return of the XFL has been in the works for some time.

McMahon doubled down on his ‘no politics’ angle after reporters asked whether President Trump, a former performer for WWE and previous owner of U.S. Football League team New Jersey Generals, would be involved in the project monetarily or with a simple endorsement.

“As far as our league is concerned, our league will have nothing to do with politics.”

The NFL’s recent outbreak of protests towards the national anthem and flag has caused several veterans-related issues—the most recent being the denial of a Super Bowl ad that would have included the phrase “Please Stand” in support of the anthem.

The protests, and more specifically the reactions to those player protests, have caused division not just among sports fans but Americans as a whole. President Trump has also voiced his opinion strongly several times over the past several months.

The football league was originally founded by the wrestling corporation alongside NBC and premiered with high TV ratings. The audience did not remain for long, however, as gimmicks quickly brought down the league.

As the NFL’s rating continue to decline, it will be interesting to see if the XFL can capture and produce what we’ve wanted all along: sports without the liberal drivel.

Source: Military Times