Fox News Confirms Mattis Announcement in Huge Transgender Leap

Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

In a breaking Fox report coming from what seems like way out in left field, Secretary of Defense James Mattis has broken with President Trump on transgendered soldiers to recommend they stay and deploy.

According to Fox, a senior United States official confirmed that Mattis delivered the recommendation for transgendered troops to stay to President Trump on Friday.

An official follow-up from the White House is expected on March 23 where the policy issue will likely be addressed permanently. As it looks now, the Pentagon is in full support of transgendered troops—a far cry from Trump’s request that they be removed.

The issue made national headlines last summer when President Trump sent out a series of tweets:

At a Pentagon briefing yesterday, Mattis’ top spokesperson Dana White refused to answer any specifics about his recommendations but confirmed they were based on his vision to improve the “lethality” of America’s fighting forces.

“This is a complex issue, and the Secretary is taking his time to consider the information he’s been given,” White explained. “It’s an important issue, and again, he sees all of his decisions through the lens of lethality.”

After President Trump’s announcement last summer, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford ordered Obama’s policies to remain in place until further guidance was obtained.

President Trump then called on Mattis to conduct a full review of the options.

It is currently unclear what the official White House response will be now that the Pentagon has refused to comply with Trump’s request.