Gold Star Widow Releases Phone Call Transcript To Clear President Trump’s Name

Rep. Frederica Wilson is becoming famous, and it's not for her flashy hats.

This week, mainstream media exploded after Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson released a statement on the details of a private phone conversation between President Trump and a Gold Star widow, Myeshia Johnson.

The liberal legislator used it as an opportunity to blast Trump before the press, turning the widow’s sacred moment into a media fiasco to push the Democrat agenda. Rep. Wilson’s most bold claim became the center of attention after she explained to reporters that President Trump told the widow her husband “knew what he signed up for”.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose own son perished in combat, told reporters on Thursday that he was nothing less than “stunned” to learn of the Florida congresswoman’s attempt to politicize a private phone conversation.

But then something unexpected happened. Another Gold star widow, Natasha De Alancar, then released the bare audio of a phone conversation between her and the President following the death of her husband in April.

Washington Post released the full transcript:

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a horrible thing, except that he’s an unbelievable hero. If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office. You just come over and see me because you are just the kind of family…this is what we want. Say hello to your children, and tell them your father he was a great hero that I respected. Just tell them I said your father was a great hero.”

The release has since gone viral on Daily Caller with many now calling the Democrat congresswoman’s statements into question. With zero proof to back her claims, and the new video showing Trump to be nothing but respectful, it doesn’t look good for her narrative that Trump is a ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’.

In fact, it does the opposite by shining a light on the side of Trump American’s often don’t get to witness, showing us that while our Commander in Chief doesn’t tolerate B.S. and he operates with a business mindset, he is still capable of showing humility and bestowing honor among others, specifically our true American Heroes: our Veterans, including those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Sources: New York PostDaily CallerWashington Post


  1. This political representative of the people “. Congresswoman” no less, Fredericka Wilson has personally demonstrated her despicable gutter culture for all. Not only did she attempt to denigrate, by broadcasting an appalling and cruel lie, designed to cast the president in an unfavourable light, but she distressed and insulted the family of an American hero. Why does the US continue to tolerate this human garbage in its political system? For the moment her guttersnipe conduct was exposed, but what about next time? Just how much of this bias, prejudice and lying to undermine a human being made of far finer stuff than they will the American electorate tolerate? It is in the unending discovery of lie after lie by both fepresentatives like Frederica, and others of her morally bankrupt cohorts, that are steadily and unremittingly leading the American citizen AWAY from the corrupt Democrats, and their handmaidens, the media.

    • Well said and thank you so much! That congresswoman needs to do her job and keep her mouth shut.
      Talk about how humiliated she must feel, or does she feel? I’m sorry for the Gold Star Mom that has to listen
      to such trash.

      • Breaking: GoldStar Mom has been close friends of BroomStick Wilson for many years & now taking her side of the issue. Good News: POTUS office also has proof of conversation. If it were me. No more personal calls…Letters only. DEEP STATE’S Useful Idiots will twist any verbal comments out of Oval Office just to damage POTUS. See Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State, Sept. 2017

    • Elizabeth, your comment goes right to the heart of the left wing extremist agenda. This woman is little more than a dispicible, lying, race baiting hate monger. Her sophomoric attempt to defame our President through deceit and half truths is typical behavior of a not so bright political hack. Well stated Elizabeth!

      • Elizabeth, before moving on I would like to take a moment to heartfully thank all the men and women who put their lives in danger so that we can sleep safely tonight. And, I want to send out my prayers and gratitude to all those husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and children who have list a hero on the field of battle. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Well said however that is exactly why our brave men/women sign this contract so uneducated,illiterate,and yes hate mongers can spew their venom without fear of retaliation. What other country do you know of that would allow all the crap and hate against their leader would be tolerated without repercussions? Yes folks you are allowed to spew your venom and not worry about being pulled out of your warm bed and watch your family be murdered in front of you because you spoke matter right or wrong you are ALLOWED to do this safely because of our soldiers that DID know what they were in for. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT SERVED ARE SERVING AND DIED BECAUSE OF SERVING AND TO ALL THE FAMILIES. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE SOLDIERS..

    • Well said! Can’t help but to wonder if she is jealous of Mad Maxine Waters & Kamala Harris. They all spew evil out of their mouths! These people & any others like this do not belong in Congress or hold any position!! Truly disgusting

    • That’s exactly what she looks and acts like in the public eye!! Does she not look in the mirror each day before leaving the “Fairgrounds”, or even take a moment to listen to & see herself on TV “Fake News” channels???

  2. I hope that congress can come up with a fine for politicians that want to try and create false accusations in which cost tax payers.

  3. Mr President, this is the concept all veterans have lived b: We signed a contract pledging our life as collateral to protect and preserve the American people and America. Unfortunately, sometimes the contract is called due and the ultimate price is paid. Semper Fi from a Marine who gladly signed that contract.

    • Robert..well said. I come from a military family and both my father, uncle and grandfather signed the same contract. I am married to ex navy and could not be prouder of any one who signs this contract and yes everyone of you knew and knows you may be asked to lay down your life for the rest of us. This comment taken out of context would sound horrific. Anyone with the problem need only to read the induction oath to understand that ANYONE signing up does know what is expected of him/her when they take the oath. Coming from the Vietnam Nam generation (my husband did 2 tours) I did not always agree with that war and yes I call it a war not conflict I never walked picket lines or protested ect as I believed our brave men fighting knew more than I about why. So I say to all of you and your brothers..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SACRIFICES and I will always stand for the flag and honor the boys who never came home or came home never to be the same. God bless you and your families for allowing me to live as free as I do.

    • Well said Robert and so true 20 yr military wife here and proud beyond measure of ALL our men and women in uniform that serve our country and yes sign on that dotted line , take that risk knowing they may pay the ultimate price, but do so willingly to protect the freedoms we hold so dear, Thank you sir for your service, and for standing tall for all Americans!!!

  4. Thank you to all of our heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. May you all rest in peace. Thank you to this goldstar widow. I am so glad that she came forward and shared this to prove that the racist congresswoman is so hate President Trump filled that she would flat out LIE, putting this hero’s family in the spotlight during their time of grief when their privacy should have been respected, just to push her racist agenda. I hope the good people of Florida send her packing her hats next election!!! What a shameful disgrace she is!!!

  5. Myeshia, as a Blue Star Mother, my heart aches for you and your children.Your husband, David, made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Now you all have your “special” guardian angel watching over you. Please know, you are all in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Much love, and God Bless All of You. Never to be forgotten, David.

  6. How sad it is that this congresswoman jumps into the spotlight just so she can lie about President Trump. It is shameful that she made a media circus out of the death of one of America’s heroes. I hope the people of Florida remember this shameful farce when it is time to reelect a Congress person!

  7. No matter what rubes the socialist /
    fascist become the 90% corrupted media will cover them like a blanket and swear they poop vanilla ice cream?
    They make the hit pieces go viral but the truth is drowned out afterwards.
    Like the Vegas incident. Four plus gunmen and the media is still pushing the lone gun nut theory. Deep state and shadow gov. hand in hand.

    • hal: So right… Deep state and shadow gov. hand in hand. DEEP STATE’S Useful Idiots will twist any verbal comments out of Oval Office just to damage POTUS. See Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State, Sept. 2017

  8. I’m embarrassed for the people in Florida that voted for “this piece of crap”-just as I’m embarrassed for the people in California that voted for “nancy p.” ( over and over again for her) !!!!!!!

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