Goodell Caves: Fans Gasp, Protesting Players Rejoice As NFL Officials Release Their “Social Justice” Plan

And the pinhead of the year award goes to...

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his posse of officials can’t seem to figure out that the American People aren’t just upset about his perpetuation of disrespect for our country, they’re taking action. As ratings continue to plummet, it’s as if they are oblivious to the implosion caused by thousands of fans deserting stadiums exploited to protect their liberal ideologies—all funded by taxpayer subsidies.

We thought we might see a breath of fresh air after Goodell’s comment last week that a meeting was in the works. But no one held their breath—broken promises are nothing new, especially when they’re coming from the left side of the aisle.

Conservative skepticism was confirmed when Goodell said on Tuesday that the league would instead focus on fighting “issues of social justice”. Furthermore, officials made sure to snub out Goodell’s earlier memo which called on players to stand. Point blank, “social justice” is on the agenda for their new plan of action.

The 2-hour meeting was expected to produce a new policy that would work to forbid kneeling or sitting during the pre-game American ceremonies, which includes the playing of the national anthem and a moment of respect towards the U.S. flag.

Instead, Goodell says officials decided to focus on the protesting players’ concerns:

“We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to — issues to make our communities better. I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.”

More hollow words from a hollow man running a hollow organization—they gave in.

But according to Goodell, things couldn’t have gone better, championing them “very productive and very important.”

Fast forward to this morning’s NFL press conference. Goodell answered heated questions for roughly 20 minutes—nearly every single one was about the rampant player protests and the national anthem. The wishy-washy league leader further added to flippancy by seemingly reversing their Tuesday meeting “progress”:

“We believe everyone should stand for the anthem,” Goodell explained. “That’s an important part of our policy, it’s also an important part of our game that we all take great pride in. It’s also important for us to honor our flag and our country and we think our fans expect us to do that.”

So which is it? Do players need to stand or is the NFL about to embark on a new parade for “social justice”?

At this point one thing is pretty clear: the NFL is trying to “un-offend Conservatives” that are leaving their broken league and causing a hemorrhaging hole, all while appeasing the same liberal tone they’ve shown all along. They want to keep their cake and eat it too: allow players to keep up their protests, back peddle slightly to make Conservatives smile.

But the problem with that politically-correct malfeasance is that it’s not just disingenuous and cowardly, it still misses the point. The NFL still hasn’t picked a side. And until they do, and make it known, they will continue to ride the middle fence of mediocrity, lost ratings, and financial ruin.

In the meantime it looks like the Conservative boycott will continue. It’s going to be a long season…

Sources: Washington TimesYahoo


  1. When will the NFL owners grow a pair? Stand for our flag and anthem or you are fired! Enough of these whiny millionaires that have ruined the game of football.
    If these players really wanted to make a difference they would be getting involved in community events and schools. They would also ensure they made a great roll model image for the youth of america. However for the most part they are drunks, druggies and wife beaters. Give me a break already!
    Put these pansies in a combat theater of operations and most would fail miserably.

  2. It’s going to be a season of death! The National Felon League is dying, and trying to get it’s last gasp of air, before starting the blackout period and finally rolling over. No more millionaires, playing a game and believing the are heroes!
    Some will see the real heroes heading to war, while others are returning under a draped flag the NFL has disrespected.
    They had best collect the money now, because in the future, very little if any, will be available for playing a game.
    Next comes the NBA, followed by the NHL and NSL. The death toll will climb before games return to children, and adults get back to work!

  3. Goddell You ARE GOING to focus on players concerns.What about the concerns of the fans? You know those people who buy tickets and help pay salaries. You have totally ignored their concerns. What about the flag and the National Anthem? Where does it fit in with “social issues”? With your attitude you are completely ignoring them and all the vets who fought and died defending them. The “wimpy” millionaires” would disappear if they were ever asked to put a uniform on and defend the US. The NFL will never be the same,it will just fade away and die hopefully. The players didn’t win. You sold out along with the owners.

  4. No LONG SEASON for me, I will not respect multimillionaire players fighting for social injustice, Like they are experiencing it? I Will not watch until respect for our nation that provides for them like Kings is provided.

  5. Boobus Americanus and the NFL love affair.
    Million dollar babies and their kid glove handler owners can go suck eggs. I think us x- fans should bid on NFL merchandise for the opportunity of throwing it all on the burning man effigy next year made in the image of a football helmet and a large dollar sign on it ( $ this is for those under 35 years old).

  6. It’s disgusting the way this no count Commissioner dances around the question. What are you (Commissioner) going to do…oh you already have…NOTHING. And the clown that started this was becoming irrelevant. I beLIEve his agent put him up to this just so he would be in the news. I do not see any of these FOOLS doing anything on THEIR OWN TIME to make things better. No I am not talking about team functions for PR reasons I’m talking about getting out there to remedy the problems not make it worst. Send them all to the frontlines and see if they stand after that…if they still have legs. OUT

  7. Good names for Goodall. Hollow head or sniveling gutless twerp. NFL is over for me. I loved our Colts, but disrespecting our flag and our National Anthem did me in with them.

  8. Let them protest on their own time not steal time from the NFL and our patriotism time. Nope cause no one would care so they have to steal from our time.

  9. Roger, you and your team owners never addressed the ‘black power’ fist when they ‘sack’ a white player either… your a bunch of Frauds … Too bad for the nfl, BOYCOTT, ESPECIALLY VETERANS DAY games …. Disrespect our Flag, our Country and display RACIST black power fist when these RACIST tackle a white player is Sick and Unforgivable…. Power to the People … BOYCOTT

  10. You want ‘moderation’, yet you allow these RACIST to show the ‘black power fist’ when they ‘sack’ a white player …. that’s moderation……

  11. Football is a business. The boss or owner calls the plays. Call it Goodell or get out. Obviously, you’ve been to much of a pussy to nip this in the bud.

  12. Candy A&& Goodell making 40 million a year for doing nothing but caving to a bunch of over paid candy asses should be fired. No NFL in this home.

  13. I have no plans to “pat these crybabies on the back”… preference is to launch them toward the moon via my brothers size 14EEE….

  14. Football fans want to see the players standing with hand over heart !!!! What don’t they understand? We understand what they say they are protesting—do it
    some other time–not during our Anthem. Is Goodell afraid of the players? It will not be long before the NFL is in the past.

  15. This is So Pathetic and Childish ! They will learn the Hard Way ! So Sad That They Can let a few outsiders come into Our Country and Degrade it like they had Planned to do All along ! Shame on All Of You Americans let Allowed them to do So, But then Shame on The Obama’s,Clinton’s,Soros,DeepState,Radical Islamic,Any and All That came here to Change America and Her People, Ext. GOD Will Prevail !!

  16. Not watching. My 4th week of my boycott of the National Felon League. Or is it the No Fans Left? Or is it Not For Long? I’m not watching!

  17. Bye bye NFL. Get those players counseling. They are disturbed. All your doing is dividing America further. NFL players are no longer a good role model for young American’s.

  18. This is all a diversion.FAKE NEWS! Listen up folks. Soros just gave a whopping 18 billion to fund his terrorist groups. STOP SOROS FUNDED, FBI/CIA ORCHESTRATED TERROR ON AMERICAN SOIL! HE IS AMERICA’S # 1 ENEMY!!!!! THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST AMERICA & HER GOOD PEOPLE!!!

  19. I hope all these assholes enjoy the ride going down to nothing as they did when they thought they controlled the world. I just don’t believe their fan base is going to buy into this phony shit of how much they like the US the Veterans that have died for their country or the flag. They are a bunch of hypocritical SAB’s and I’ll not ever have any respect for any of them.

    • I’m with you. I’ve gone back to the Roundy rounds of NASCAR. Left them for many years while it was the Jimmy Johnson show. Really hope they don’t make the same fool mistake? Love my Saturday NCAA College Football and now NCAA BB. On Wisconsin! Go Bucky! -US Navy Vet ❤️⚓️

  20. Maybe we should just stop watching ALL sports, not buy any endorsed sports products or advertised products for any sport that keeps letting this happen. They get paid an outrageous salary to entertain, not dis America and it’s soldiers and veterans!!

  21. Stay strong, lovers of our flag and country. Boycott. Do not surrender to the disrespect of our Nation and our magnificent men and women in uniform who risk their lives and bodies for injury for a pittance of what these spoiled children earn. Hopefully their unpatriotism will not affect our universities and high schools. This madness must stop and we, theboycotters are the only ones that can kill it.

  22. re:In the meantime it looks like the Conservative boycott will continue. It’s going to be a long season…
    The season and the NFL are over.

  23. Why does the NFL feel the need to take any social issues on as part of their Association?? Clearly they are not qualified to “deal” with any of their players problems, beliefs or character.
    In my opinion the NFL has done nothing but be an enabler to the highly paid football players, not only disrespecting our Country but turn their backs when players abuse physically, abuse drugs, violate laws etc.
    I will continue to not watch NFL games period. Social injustice cannot be solved by a football association. Poorest excuse I’ve ever heard !

  24. It is about time that the NFL players realize that kids and adults look up to them and they are setting a terrible example for the future adults of our nation.
    We can do without football if they don’t improve their attitude and be respectable to our country. If not, they may find their pay cut due to lack
    of attendance or interest in the games.

  25. “We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to — issues to make our communities better. I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.”

    If these players are so concerned about their communities, why doesn’t Commissioner Goodall propose the creation of a foundation that will support and improve those communities, funded by the MILLIONAIRE players at, say, 10% of their contracted salaries (a nice charitable amount!)? Otherwise, they should abide by the NFL bylaws that specify players stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem. THAT’LL SHUT ‘EM UP!

  26. It “looks like” the boycot will continue !? ‘Badell’ and the Natl. Felon League are trying very hard to slap “us” in the face, without ever mentioning that we may have a few points or so! Ok cool. Keep ignoring us and let’s just see you pay out many millions of dollars without us….’cause there is NO “looks like” out here, however there definitely IS A “DAMNED SURE NOT GOING TO LET YOU IDJUTS GET AWAY WITH YOUR Bull-Stuff! You’ve got yourselves convinced that you know us better than we know ourselves, and that we WILL ‘CAVE’ (AS AMERICANS ARE WONT TO DO) = NOPE.

  27. why the nhl was brought into this is strange. this league is made up of Americans, canadiens, Russians, swedes, finns, czecks, etc. and they all stand for the flag .more than can be said for the national felons league. Ann BTW I don’t see at the playoffs any kneeling of baseball players.

  28. Boycott these sponsors until the NFL stands for the flag and the National Anthem! Show respect to our men and women who have fought, died and bleed for our country. If the NFL (No Fans Left) want to protest then use another venue. People come to watch the games not to see players disrespect our county, flag and the National Anthem!

  29. Disrespectful to our men and women in the military who fought, died and bleed for our country. Everyone needs to boycott the NFL and those who advertise during their games. Hitting them in the pocketbook is the ONLY way to get their attention.

  30. I will not support anything to do with the NFL until they force their spoiled brat children(the so called protesting players) to stand and respect our country,fallen hero’s, and National Anthem! These p.o.s over paid players are just trying to get free publicity! I want to see any one of these players walk into these neighborhoods they’re talking about without an entourage or security! It won’t happen because they’re full of it! Since these players and their supporters want to disrespect the Anthem,burn flags maybe it’s time to burn their stuff! Burn your jerseys,NFL apperal,football’s, and anything else to do with their organization! Do it in public and let people know why! The players need to apologize to all service men and women also our fallen’s family members! Until then my NFL boycott will stay on!!

  31. Did I hear correctly on Fox News that the NFL (no fans left) players want to add gender pay to their social justice grievances. Hmm! I have an idea. reduce number of black players to correspond to national population demographic -18% not the current 70%; add more Asian, white, Latino, LGBT, etc.

    And while we are at it I want to see women be allowed to play in all positions regardless of ability. And finally, I want to see 90% of players’ salaries and any personal property over a value of $10,000 given to the poor, period!

    Now much sense does this make? Absolutley NONE. But that is the same quality of critical thinking that NFL players (average 8th grade education) and managers are displaying and, supported by the liberal elitists.
    So, as for me and my house, we have stopped watching NFL football. “

  32. REALLY this crap is sooooo stupid play ball oh sorry they’re not any good at that either. So send them ALL to daycare and see how they like that. People can’t even GIVE game tickets away now days. So shut the door turn out the lights LOOSERS!!!!!!!BYE BYE and stay gone!!

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