Military Quietly Removes Top Disqualifier for Female Infantry Officers

February 14, 2018 James Baker 0

With zero notice and no formal announcement, the Marine Corps changed one of its most grueling challenges—the rite of passage known as the combat endurance test on the very first day of Infantry Officer training. They altered it from a pass and fail test to an ungraded exercise. General Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps, decided in November to transition the test from a high-stakes objective to an assessment. This allows students to drop without the risk of losing their spot in the officer class. Officials confirmed that the test has a “historically low” attrition rate since being made (Read More)

Army Pushed to Change Basic Training as Growing Problem Becomes Epidemic

February 12, 2018 James Baker 0

The United States Army is soon going to be unveiling a complete redesign of the iconic Basic Combat Training each new recruit is required to complete before becoming a soldier. The change comes at the behest of company commanders who complain that new soldiers arrive to their unit with sloppy military appearance as well as poor attitudes with little to no discipline. By summer, some recruits who enter the military will go through a new form of Basic that places a higher emphasis on drill and ceremony, inspections, military history, technical skills, and physical fitness. New field training exercises will (Read More)

Democrats Launch Bill to Destroy President Trump’s Military Parade

February 9, 2018 James Baker 0

The Pentagon is now moving forward with the preparation of options for President Trump’s proposed military parade. It’s not clear, however, if it will ever come to fruition—Democrats have already sprung into opposing action. On January 18th during a meeting at the Pentagon, President Trump made the request for military personnel to assemble in Washington for a large parade. The idea first appeared when Trump announced his approval for a parade of similar statute to the one held on France’s Bastille Day in Paris. Defense Secretary Mattis made public statement on Wednesday that he was leading the Pentagon to create (Read More)

U.S. Army Deserter Caught After Making Fatal Mistake

February 7, 2018 James Baker 0

Sircaria Coleman ditched her post in 2012. Her long desertion ended this week as officials caught her trying to enter a cruise ship dock in New Orleans, Louisiana. There was a warrant out for her arrest. As a Carnival ship planned to set sail for a Caribbean cruise, she was apprehended. Officials say it is unclear whether she was attempting to board herself. They also said every now and again, they are able to catch people with outstanding warrants this way. The warrant popped during U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s routine screening of individuals coming on board the cruise ship. (Read More)

Football League Gives National Anthem Announcement

February 6, 2018 James Baker 0

The XFL, an alternative to the National Football League, is set to launch in year 202 with no political tilt. Its founder Vince McMahon, however, says players will honor the American tradition of standing in silence for the national anthem. Leaders at the World Wresting Entertainment company did not provide specific guidelines for the rules they intend to set. This was aligned with the rest of their recent news conference where specifics on partners and location were also set to be determined at a later date. With that said, McMahon confirmed that it would be “appropriate” for players to get (Read More)