New Pentagon Policy Now In Effect: ‘Deploy Or Get Out’

March 14, 2018 James Baker 0

The Pentagon released a new policy on Wednesday—one that has been circulating for several weeks and sparking debate. The policy is simple: service members who have not deployed in the past 12 months will be targeted for separation. Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, explained the new policy to the Senate panel Wednesday. “This new policy is a 12-month deploy or be removed policy, However, there are exceptions.” Exceptions include pregnancy and wounded soldiers who are rehabilitating to become fully active again. “The situation we face today is really unlike anything we have faced, certainly in the (Read More)

Marine Combat Training At Pendleton Changes Permanently As Female Recruits Arrive

March 7, 2018 James Baker 0

The first batch of new female students arrived on Tuesday at Camp Pendleton to begin their required Marine Combat Training. The wave of female recruits is expected to increase to 1,700 new females added annually. Recent graduate students of the Marine Corps’ Parris Island will become the first females enlisted to learn combat skills. The branch of training is called MCT-West—a part of the Marine Corp’s infantry training school. Previously, they were sent to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. However, the new military policy will transport all females who pass boot camp in the Western U.S. to Camp Pendleton. The (Read More)

State Department Officials Raise Alarm As China Makes Huge Military Move

March 5, 2018 James Baker 0

The Pentagon has now made notice of China’s military as the Asian giant plants to increase its military budget by almost a tenth of its current size. The increased spending is set to fuel a military program bent on ambitious modernization—putting world leaders on edge. Reuters confirmed Beijing announced the proposed increase of 8.1% that is set to boost China’s military might by over $175 billion U.S. dollars. According to Reuters, an official within the U.S. State Department provided an anonymous comment: “We continue to carefully monitor China’s military developments and to encourage China to exhibit greater transparency with respect (Read More)

Jared Kushner Ousted from White House Inner Circle

February 28, 2018 James Baker 0

White House adviser and son-in-law to President Trump Jared Kushner had his security clearances downgraded on Wednesday, according to Fox News. This move will restrict Kushner from being able to sit and listen in on the President’s daily briefings. Kushner has been an aide within the White House for the extent of Trump’s presidency, but it looks like that is now changing—and likely permanently. The change downgrades Kushner’s top secret clearance to a normal secret clearance which allows for much less access to information. A spokesperson giving an announcement on behalf of Kushner stated the change will have no effect (Read More)

President Trump Prods Big Change for Weapons on Military Bases

February 26, 2018 James Baker 0

President Trump confirmed Friday that he would review the current federal policies in place surrounding troops’ ability to carry firearms inside military bases. The proposed changes are likely spurred by the recent Florida school shooting that claimed 17 lives—only 1 other person on campus other than the shooter was armed, and he ran away. Current policies restrict troops from carrying private firearms on base. President Trump called it a safety issue. In the past, the Department of Defense has strayed from changing firearm policies for fears that it could lead to accidental shootings or higher suicide success rates. President Trump (Read More)