Student Secretly Records California High School Class, Disgusting Military Speech By Teacher Goes Viral

January 29, 2018 James Baker 0

A teacher from California is now facing severe backlash as a video captured from his classroom went viral on social media websites. The video in question shows him berating and aggressively verbally assaulting a student who was wearing a sweatshirt with the Marine Corps Insignia. School officials have since confirmed that the voice heard in the video is in fact a teacher: Gregory Salcido from El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, California. The video is quite disturbing. Help me make this go viral. My friends son was sporting his marine sweater while this liberal douche teacher rants about… Posted (Read More)

Congress Pulls It Off At The Last Second, Senate Democrats Now Promising It’s Over

January 19, 2018 James Baker 0

Congress, divided as ever, pulled off passing the new budget approval last night. The partisan stare-down over the past weeks is now culminating into a final battle as Democrats refuse to give in on their demand: protection for 700,000 young illegal immigrants. Along those lines, Senate Democrats are now announcing they will do whatever necessary to filibuster and stop the funding bill from signing into law—placing much of the blame for a government shutdown on themselves as Republicans fight to keep the lights on. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has drawn a clear line between the Democrats’ actions (Read More)

Captains Behind Deadly Naval Collisions Now Face More Than Dishonorable Discharges

January 18, 2018 James Baker 0

The Navy is now taking steps to correct—or at least attempt to “make right”—the deadly collisions that took the lives of 17 soldiers last year. The two Commanding Officers of the involved battle destroyers, Bryce Benson and Alfredo Sanchez, are now facing court-martial. In addition to the two commanding officers, a skipper and chief petty officer have also been recommended for punishment under the UCMJ. The charge against them is negligent homicide. In addition, 8 sailors were also handed down non-judicial punishment. An investigation reviewed by showed that those keeping watch on ship were looking the wrong way—moments later (Read More)

Army Veteran Launches U.S. Court Battle Against VA As Lawyer Makes Shocking X-Ray Discovery

January 16, 2018 James Baker 0

An Army Veteran is now preparing his case against the VA—and it’s likely he will win. A resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Glenford Turner claims he finally found the source of his terrible abdominal pain. Four years ago in 2013, Turner had surgery at a VA hospital where he thought he was going to be resolved of his pain. Instead, he was forced to make an emergency visit four years later as his pain became unbearable. The culprit? The hospital team from his first surgery left a scalpel inside of him. The x-ray image provided by Turner’s lawyer pains a vivid (Read More)

Chelsea Manning Makes Horrid Announcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 12, 2018 James Baker 0

While most Americans recognized and thanked local law enforcement this week for our country’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning took a different approach. Using his twitter account, Manning—once known as Bradley Manning before turning female—blasted police officers in the worst of ways. fuck the police 🚫🔫👮‍♀️🚔 #DisarmThePolice 😁🌈💕 #WeGotThis #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay — Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea) January 9, 2018 He then went on to site questionable statistics without providing sources, saying that “police and prosecutors steal more through “civil asset forfeiture” than all “property crime” combined”. He then concluded by saying the worst criminals of (Read More)