ICE Special Agents Act Finally Allowed to Deploy Against 2013 Secret, Deputy Director Goes Public to Confirm

January 11, 2018 James Baker 0

While our main focus is on delivering the most up-to-date military news, a recent bust by special agents within the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement department has proven there may be a large issue lurking underneath the surface. Conducting surprise investigations at almost 100 different 7-11 gas stations, the Homeland Security team left with close to two dozen illegal workers in handcuffs. Those arrested are now being reviewed under administrative guidelines as court dates are prepared. While Democrats lend their focus to the recent tax reform, it appears that President Trump is “making the rounds” to solidify those bold campaign promises (Read More)

Heartbroken by Military Suicide, President Trump Makes Huge Move

January 9, 2018 James Baker 0

President Trump took a huge step forward on Tuesday to curb suicides among service members. The executive order signed into effect will direct government aid in order to improve the mental health of soldiers in need. This action ties the knot on another one of Trump’s campaign promises to restore attention to those who sacrifice everything to keep America free. This new order will work to assist troops and their families before things get bad. Heartbroken and alarmed, President Trump told Veterans Secretary David Shulkin on a conference call that the rate of 20 veteran suicides a day must be (Read More)

Green Beret Organization Forced to Stop Immediately As Group’s Actions Become Public

January 5, 2018 James Baker 0

Papotia Reginald Wright began the 8th Special Forces Regiment New York Honor Guard over a year ago, but now the group has come crashing down. After multiple investigations by several groups, Wright’s claims of special forces bravado turned out to be completely false—bravo sierra. Claiming to be a retired military command sergeant major from the Special Forced, he used his false credentials to run a veterans organization, fooling families and conducting burials for deceased veterans on the pretense of his extensive combat experience. Confirmed military records show Reginald served in the Army during the period from 1982-1990, but was enlisted (Read More)

U.S. Department of Justice Forced Into Action as Judicial Watch Lawsuit Exposes Brand New Evidence

January 4, 2018 James Baker 0

The DOJ is about to take a fresh look at the Clinton case that caused a nationwide media frenzy: Hillary’s improper use of a private email server while she was serving as the Secretary of State. A close associate of Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed with the Daily Beast that it is an attempt to collect fresh evidence on how Hillary Clinton and her team handled classified information. On top of that, officials plan to review certain “immunity deals” specific Clinton aides may have set up. President Donald Trump has been persistent in his requests that “Crooked Hillary” be thoroughly (Read More)

Pentagon Now Looking to Make a Dramatic Shift in Military Culture

January 2, 2018 James Baker 0

Pentagon officials believe it is time for a shift in the way the military conducts itself. They think business is being conducted in an outdated way and say it is time to modernize some aspects of military life. Undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, Robert Wilkie, says it is hurting service members and their families—causing retention rates of good soldiers to decrease. Constant post movement was the subject of the main critique. Along with “up or out” promotion structure, Wilkie claims it is an organization drawback that is needlessly getting rid of troops that can still contribute to the (Read More)