Mattis ‘Making Changes’ On Personnel Assignments After Niger Ambush

September 7, 2018 G W 0

When the United States military deploys its special operations soldiers, whether they’re Green Berets, Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, DEVGRU, or even Air Force Pararescue troops, they’re deploying highly-trained assets that represent hundreds of thousands of dollars of training, the kind of people who can win decisive victories in impossible odds. That’s why when a group of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were cut down in an ambush in Niger, it was such big news, and such a blow to the military. In response, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a former Marine who saw combat abroad, is pushing to change (Read More)

Soldier Pleads Guilty To Planning ISIS Attack On Base

September 6, 2018 G W 0

Since the beginning of the Global War on Terror, military bases across the United States have been targeted by terrorists for violence, leading to infamous attacks like the one carried out by Nidal Hassan.  While most soldiers would never think about turning their arms on their brethren, some are not so steadfast and honorable. For one soldier, 35-year-old Ikaika Erik Kang, who was stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, his willingness to carry out a suicide attack on behalf of the ‘Islamic State’ earned him 25 years in prison, followed with a possible lifetime of supervision. His sentencing is set for December (Read More)

US Service Member Killed In ‘Apparent Insider Attack’

September 5, 2018 G W 0

For the second time in two months, a servicemember in Afghanistan has been slain in an apparent insider attack known as a ‘green-on-blue’ incident. This service member was slain while taking part in Operation Resolute Support by someone within the Afghan military or paramilitary forces. The soldier, whose name has not yet been released to the public, pending notification of their next of kin, is the sixth American soldier to be killed in Afghanistan in 2018. The attack also caused injury to another soldier, who has also not been named at this time. General Austin Scott Miller, the commander of (Read More)

US Military Aims to Launch Cheap New ‘Blackjack’ Spy Satellites In 2021

August 31, 2018 G W 0

The United States has long employed a network of expensive, highly-complicated and technical military satellites, using them as reconnaissance craft. These satellites operate in geostationary orbit, resting about 22,000 miles above the planet, making up the United States’ spy satellite network. However, currently, these satellites cost as much as $1 billion to develop, and according to Paul “Rusty” Thomas, who works in the Tactical Technology Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, they can take a decade to develop in the first place. However, a network of low-cost reconnaissance satellites, deployed in low Earth orbit, could change everything about (Read More)

Vietnam Veteran Honored With Medals 50 Years Later

August 30, 2018 G W 0

The Vietnam war was not popular in its time, and many who served didn’t receive their just reward for their bravery, whether from the civilian populace or from the government that sent them to war. David Groe of Lake Mills, Iowa, was just such a person. At least, until Friday, August 24, 2018, when a few friends, and a local school, gave him the medals he earned but never received for his war-time service. He was both surprised and delighted at the event that honored him, his service, and presented him with his awards and citations for them. Like many (Read More)