Military Deserter Bergdahl Demands Taliban More “Honest” than U.S. Army

October 24, 2017 James Baker 6

Any military veteran or supporter of our armed forces knows just how serious the crime of desertion is. Coupled with improper behavior behind enemy lines, it truly borders on treason. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army sergeant who admitted to deserting his post in Afghanistan in 2009, pleaded guilty yesterday, but demanded that his radical Islamic captors were more “honest” than his own U.S. military. “At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, ‘I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your throat’” Bergdahl told UK TV journalist Sean Langan in an interview for the Sunday Times Magazine of London. Bergdahl claims (Read More)

Gold Star Widow Releases Phone Call Transcript To Clear President Trump’s Name

October 21, 2017 James Baker 36

This week, mainstream media exploded after Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson released a statement on the details of a private phone conversation between President Trump and a Gold Star widow, Myeshia Johnson. The liberal legislator used it as an opportunity to blast Trump before the press, turning the widow’s sacred moment into a media fiasco to push the Democrat agenda. Rep. Wilson’s most bold claim became the center of attention after she explained to reporters that President Trump told the widow her husband “knew what he signed up for”. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose own son perished in (Read More)

The Hill Confirms FBI Evidence: Deep Investigation Suggests Foul Play Among Clinton & Friends

October 20, 2017 James Baker 36

Before we skim the surface of what may very well be the largest exposure of political corruption in modern American history, let’s take a trip back to the summer of 2016 before the fateful election. As Hillary and her campaign began to realize that their original “pied piper” strategy had completely backfired and helped launch Trump towards even more exposure, something else was happening: the well-known FBI investigation into Clinton led by Director James Comey. On July 5th at a Press Conference in Washington, Comey went before the press, America, and the world to declare Hillary acquitted of all charges, (Read More)

Goodell Caves: Fans Gasp, Protesting Players Rejoice As NFL Officials Release Their “Social Justice” Plan

October 18, 2017 James Baker 57

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his posse of officials can’t seem to figure out that the American People aren’t just upset about his perpetuation of disrespect for our country, they’re taking action. As ratings continue to plummet, it’s as if they are oblivious to the implosion caused by thousands of fans deserting stadiums exploited to protect their liberal ideologies—all funded by taxpayer subsidies. We thought we might see a breath of fresh air after Goodell’s comment last week that a meeting was in the works. But no one held their breath—broken promises are nothing new, especially when they’re coming from (Read More)

Liberals Help Trump Destroy The NFL In 4 Headlines As The Washington Post Eats Crow…BAD

October 14, 2017 James Baker 50

The liberal media is wrong. During the election cycle they told us Trump had no chance. During their “high-accuracy” polling they assured us he would never be President. Even on November 8th, until it was obvious they could no longer hide it, they tried to sell us the fact that Trump just wasn’t going to make it. It’s worth stating again: the liberal media is wrong. Flippant on any real issues, the liberal news media picks its battles carefully. If they spot an opportunity to inject race, they take it. If they see the chance to insert radical feminism, they jump (Read More)