Roger Goodell Moves Forward As NFL’s Marketing Team Confirms Trump Was Right

October 12, 2017 James Baker 83

The infamous NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is now on the verge of handing over to President Trump not just a political victory but a cultural one as well by calling on all athletes to stand during the playing of the national anthem. In what was a completely unexpected turn of events, the Goodell came forward on Tuesday to explicitly outline a departure from the NFL’s current stance to allow players to kneel, which has caused extreme backlash across the country. While he stated that he respects their right to protest, a new plan for pre-game conduct will be formalized at next week’s (Read More)

Tax Law Changes For NFL: President Trump Done Playing Games

October 10, 2017 James Baker 93

As NFL protests continue to drag on, players haven’t stopped their attacks on President Trump. And as fans become more divided over the radical display of liberal politics in football, the NFL continues to suffer in viewers and ratings. Officials within the organization have only helped to foster the division, using the mainstream media coverage as a way to push the Democrat narrative. President Trump has been very vocal so far, even instructing VP Pence and the second lady to leave their planned Colts game should protests break out on the field—and they did. I stand with @POTUS Trump, I stand (Read More)

GOP Watchdog Agency Exposes Hidden Secret Behind NFL Protests

October 6, 2017 James Baker 60

As NFL players continue to disrespect Americans and Veterans throughout the country, one thing has become apparently clear: modern liberalism has established a firm asphyxiating grasp on the American values that define our great nation. And now that includes football too. At first glance, one might wonder why the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) hasn’t ever tried to crack down on players for disrespecting the anthem, flag, and military. The NFL sure didn’t have any problems fining players attempting to pay respect to the events of 9/11. They also didn’t have any issues with banning players from showing honor to the slain (Read More)

What These Veterans Did During The Vegas Shooting Just Went Viral On CNN

October 5, 2017 James Baker 38

When things are going well, it’s easy to forget about the people that make it so. When we go to sleep, and enjoy a restful night without worry, we have one group to thank: our U.S. Military members. While America may not currently be “officially” at war, our soldiers are stationed in countless dangerous, remote places all over the globe. They sacrifice their sleep, their food, and even their own basic welfare to ensure our great freedoms remain preserved. They do all of this for their fellow countrymen, determined to see the American Flag hold its rightful place high in (Read More)

Hit The NFL Where It Hurts: Their Sponsors (Full List)

October 3, 2017 James Baker 87

When Americans tune in to watch football on TV, the last thing they want to be hit with is anti-American players demanding they are “oppressed” while making millions, using the National Anthem and U.S. Flag as a cowardly outlet for their own media attention. They claim “injustices” are “all over the place” and harming minorities, yet somehow have donated nothing to their own communities or taken action of any kind to help others. As players continue to protest, the NFL continues to not only allow it, but highlight it. Somehow football is now less about sports and more about politically-charged statements from (Read More)