82,000 Patriots Vow To Do Something Big On Veterans Day

September 29, 2017 James Baker 83

With Veterans Day rapidly approaching and just over 40 days away, many Patriots have resolved to do something big–and something probably never done before. Every year, this special day gives Americans an opportunity to step back and reflect on the sacrifices our current military members make every single day. Not only that, it allows us the chance to let our Veterans know just how much we truly care about them, and how grateful we are for their dedication to helping protect and defend our amazing freedoms. These brave Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy, defended freedom in the jungles of (Read More)

Colin Kaepernick Takes A Knee During A 2016 NFL Pre-Season Game

Enough Is Enough: Veterans Respond To National Anthem Protests

September 26, 2017 James Baker 71

If you’ve followed the news in the past week–and even if you haven’t–you’re no doubt aware of the NFL debacle. Overpaid executives and pampered athletes have joined forces, but not to honor and respect America. No, these members of the National Football League have made sure to reignite and back what Colin Kaepernick started last season: kneeling during our National Anthem. How do veterans feel? Republican Congressman Brian Mast, a veteran who lost both legs during combat in Afghanistan, says these players should be shown the door, and at the very least penalized. “I have taken a knee after jumping out of a helicopter as (Read More)

Support All U.S. Military Veterans

April 12, 2017 James 6

Vets Before Illegals is a non-profit company dedicated to furthering respect and solidarity for all United States military members, both present and past. It is only through the bravery of our armed forces that America is able to sustain its enduring freedoms. The founding fathers placed great responsibility on such a force, ensuring the creation of a militia. The first use of this militia came in the form of the Continental Army, founded by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 at the height of the Revolutionary war. This union of the initial 13 colonies led America to a miraculous victory (Read More)