Senators Unite to Stop VA Confirmation

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Senators are now discussing the possibility of delaying President Trump’s Veteran Affairs nominee as some are now stirring controversy that he is unfit for the job. White House doctor and Navy rear admiral, Ronny Jackson, was originally scheduled to go before the nomination committee on Wednesday, but that may now be pushed back.

Senate Democrat Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is one of the politicians involved in the push-back. A member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, he says the questions being raised are more than fair.

“I think there may well be a need for more time, in fairness to Admiral Jackson, so he and the administration have an opportunity to answer these questions fully and fairly.”

Despite his reaching comment above, he declined to provide any details for why a delay would be needed.

A spokesperson for the Veteran Affairs Committee Chair, Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, declined to return requests for comment.

President Trump chose Jackson last month after firing Obama-nominated David Shulkin after an ethics scandal went public. Despite this behavior, Senate officials did not feel the need to investigate. President Trump’s nominee, however, is being held back at every turn.

Lawmakers claim their concerns lie with his ability to manage the department now responsible for providing care to 9 million veterans.

Republican Senator Mike Rounds, also a committee member, said Jackson’s experience is limited in scope; furthermore, he questioned his ability to manage more than a small staff.

“We’ve got 360,000 people there. Are they going to manage the secretary or is the secretary going to manage the VA? That’s a good question to ask, and he needs to answer it. He needs to be the leader. A lot of folks want to be led and managed.”

Senator Rounds also commented they will require further paperwork before moving forward. It is unclear when Jackson’s nomination will eventually be approved.