State Department Officials Raise Alarm As China Makes Huge Military Move

The Pentagon has now made notice of China’s military as the Asian giant plants to increase its military budget by almost a tenth of its current size.

The increased spending is set to fuel a military program bent on ambitious modernization—putting world leaders on edge.

Reuters confirmed Beijing announced the proposed increase of 8.1% that is set to boost China’s military might by over $175 billion U.S. dollars.

According to Reuters, an official within the U.S. State Department provided an anonymous comment:

“We continue to carefully monitor China’s military developments and to encourage China to exhibit greater transparency with respect to its capabilities and intentions. We encourage China to use its military capabilities in a manner conducive to the maintenance of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Chinese officials say the money will be used to “advance all aspects of military training and war preparedness, and firmly and resolvedly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

China’s military budget has been on the rise since 2016—a pattern U.S. officials at the Pentagon have been watching closely.

Defense spending budgets are something watched closely by military experts as they help to provide clues into a country’s strategic intentions. China’s recent advancement of stealth fighters, aircraft carriers, and anti-satellite missiles have caused some analytics to rethink China’s military preparedness.

President Trump has proposed the largest military budget in almost a decade and wants to beef up America’s nuclear arsenal to counter the rapidly-growing strength of Russia and China.

It is likely that if the military spending of China and other large nations such as Russia and North Korea increases, the United States will counter with more of its own.