Support All U.S. Military Veterans

We must always honor the bold sacrifices made by our Veterans!

Vets Before Illegals is a non-profit company dedicated to furthering respect and solidarity for all United States military members, both present and past.

It is only through the bravery of our armed forces that America is able to sustain its enduring freedoms. The founding fathers placed great responsibility on such a force, ensuring the creation of a militia.

The first use of this militia came in the form of the Continental Army, founded by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 at the height of the Revolutionary war. This union of the initial 13 colonies led America to a miraculous victory against the much-larger British empire.

From then on, the United States of America become known as a superpower. Through the everlasting will of its people, and the perpetual courage of its armies, America will forever be the home of the free and the land of the brave.


  1. I fear what our President is getting ready to do with the budget cuts to Vets compensations. I read you will lose it when you turn 65 and have Medicare. Has the President ever tried having a decent life on what SS pays? I hope he changes his thinking.
    Our Vets stepped up and were injured protecting us, what a awful thing to do, take away their livelihood.

  2. I am an x military wife.If these so called men( football players) doesn’t love and respect what our military has done for us, they should get the hell out of our country!

  3. I have yet to read that these millionaire snowflakes and crybabies have spent any of their unearned dollars to support inner-city kids in Chicago or Detroit or for that matter, any of their fellow Americans in Florida, Texas or Puerto Rico after the massive destruction in those areas… Instead they want to Support Black Lives Matter, the new name for the Black Panthers, and cry out that the police are harassing them for doing any matter of illegal things. They are anti-police and Like Colin K. who wants to “kill the Pigs”… I spent 25 years in the United States Marine Corps so my countrymen could protest; it is their 1st Amendment right, but to disrespect our flag and our anthem is too much.. I will not attend nor watch anymore football until those players get their act together…

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