Head Of US Marine Force In Darwin Stood Down For Drink-Driving On Nightclub Strip

October 10, 2018 G W 0

In recent months, the United States Marine Corps has undertaken a cross-training mission with the Australian military, and deployed a record number of Marines, more than 1,500, to Darwin in the Norther Territories of the island nation. While training with the Australian Defense Force, as with any foreign deployment, Marines were expected to be on their best behavior, as representatives of the United States. Colonel James Schnelle, 48 years of age, seemed to fail to maintain those standards, however, and has recently been relieved of his command duties.  All this occurred due to his decision to drink and drive on (Read More)

Wounded Marine Vet Takes On ‘Social Justice Warrior’s’ Outrageous ‘Definition’ Claim

October 6, 2018 G W 0

The United States and most of its people have always celebrated the veterans of the nation, people who took up arms, at great personal risk of life and limb, and fought for her interests around the world. Recently, one leftist writer, ‘Dr.’ Warren J. Blumenfeld, wrote a piece which suggested the ‘social justice warriors’ should be venerated as veterans. Blumenfeld equated being in the armed forces, in physically in danger, with being a political activists bent on destroying individual liberty and forcing the acceptance of a particular political belief on others. Obviously, such a suggestion, while it may have played (Read More)

Marine To Receive Medal of Honor Fifty Years After Battle Of Hue

July 25, 2018 G W 0

The Battle of Hue was one of the longest and most bloody battles that occurred during the Vietnam War. It lasted for more than two months, and by the end, the United States had lost 216 soldiers in the fighting. In such long and drawn-out battles, the brave actions of a handful of individuals can make all the difference in the world. Now, fifty years after the fighting, one Marine is going to receive recognition for his conspicuous bravery during the battle, a Marine credited with saving countless lives through his bold decisions. Sergeant Major John Canley, United States Marine (Read More)

Monument Dedicated In Mississippi Honors 16 Marines Killed Last Year

July 18, 2018 G W 0

Even when not in combat operations, the life of a U.S. service member is not an easy or safe one. Due to the need to train as they fight, many such warriors are in danger almost constantly. A year ago on July 14, 2017, a United States Marine Corps KC-130T, a military transport based on the beloved C-130 design, was carrying special operations Marines from North Carolina to California for a training mission. The plane broke apart in the sky, and it crashed, along with its compliment of operators and its New York-based crewmen, into a Mississippi field. Now, a (Read More)

State Department Marine Request Causes Outrage

July 6, 2018 G W 0

China has long been touchy about American military movement, anywhere near its mainland or the lands that it controls. Chief among those lands are Tibet and Taiwan, which have been geopolitical landmines for decades. Now, a Chinese official is warning the United States to be cautious concerning a request to send members of the United States Marine Corps to Taiwan to guard a small diplomatic facility. The State Department asked for a Marine Security Guard detachment to be dispatched to the American Institute in Taiwan. The American Institute is a non-profit representative ‘mission’ in Taipei. It essentially acts as an (Read More)