The Hill Confirms FBI Evidence: Deep Investigation Suggests Foul Play Among Clinton & Friends

"In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Before we skim the surface of what may very well be the largest exposure of political corruption in modern American history, let’s take a trip back to the summer of 2016 before the fateful election.

As Hillary and her campaign began to realize that their original “pied piper” strategy had completely backfired and helped launch Trump towards even more exposure, something else was happening: the well-known FBI investigation into Clinton led by Director James Comey.

On July 5th at a Press Conference in Washington, Comey went before the press, America, and the world to declare Hillary acquitted of all charges, even after confirming she was “extremely careless”. The main, clearly-visible problem with the decision deals with the definition of intent in our legal system.

Never before has intent been written into the consideration for guilt. Why? Intent is difficult to prove. No one ever announces that, “on this date I intent to break the law”–it just doesn’t happen like that. When is the last time you saw a criminal openly admit to a crime they were about to commit before they did so?

Because of this, Congress and the legislative branch of government ensures that gross negligence is not allowed to form as a statute in the written law. And so when something as egregious as Clinton’s dealings come to light, it leads to a real prosecution and closes the verbal loophole to make sure “I didn’t mean to” doesn’t hold up in court.

But as we all watched, Hillary Clinton was set free, enjoying a statute that was never actually codified into law.

Keep track of the timeline; it’s very important here. In July is when the FBI announcement was made. The end of July and beginning of August is when the allegations of Trump-Russian ties began to hit the mainstream media hard.

Also important to keep in mind is Clinton’s use of a special tool to “bleach” her email server to ensure nothing could ever be found on it again. Common sense may reason that this move was odd given her claims that it contained only “personal” emails relating to her daughter’s wedding and yoga. Republican Representative confirmed this on August 25th as reported by Politico.

With all of the previous important pieces still in mind, fast forward to the early morning hours of today, 20 October. Daily Caller released an explosive report backed by The Hill’s investigation released only a day earlier.

The details of Daily Caller’s report are literally shocking—and for a word that is used far too often—it really is almost too hard to believe. Here are the key facts, straight to the point:

  • The FBI confirmed that Russian Intel had targeted Clinton prior to and during her time as Secretary of State
  • Clinton’s direct spokesperson denied these allegations—a direct lie to the press
  • Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act of 2012 that was attempting to place Sanctions on officials tied to Putin’s inner circle
  • The FBI arrested 10 Russian agents involved in the spy ring tied to Clinton on June 28th
  • One day later, Bill Clinton received $500,000 from a Kremlin investment bank for an hour-long talk in Moscow,
  • Next, Clinton moved rapidly to release 10 Russian spies captured by the FBI before they could be investigated or even stand trial
  • As the FBI was conducting the investigation of Russian involvement in Uranium One, Hillary approved the Sale to Russia’s nuclear weapons agency
  • $145,000,000 then flowed into the Clinton Foundation

The bottom line is both simple and terrifying at the same time.

The Democrats, after realizing that Trump might actually win, launched a full-on Trump-Russia media campaign to tie Putin and then Presidential Candidate Trump together in the public’s eye.

But why would they pick Russia? They could have picked anything to attack Trump with.

Because Hillary was actually the one involved with Russia. To their credit, Democrat establishment officials knew the best way to hide the fact that Hillary and Russia were in bed, was to stir up the idea that it was actually Trump instead.

The angle? If anyone tried to point at Hillary and Russia, the media could easily pivot to say “Well didn’t you see Trump’s connections to Russia? That’s much worse! Trump is a Nazi Russian!”

The American public got played by the mainstream media—hard.

When is the real FBI investigation into Clinton and the Obama Administration going to happen? The American People are waiting.

Sources: SalonNew York TimesTIMEPoliticoThe HillDaily Caller


  1. There is no end to the Clinton’s deceit, corruption and fraud that existed over the years as the liberal crazy demorats ignored it all. I’m so tired of their cover-ups and nothing is ever done about it. Thank God she was never elected as our president.

    • To one Fran from another Fran, It’s not just the Clintons but it looks like the whole Democratic Party is corrupt and deceitful. I’m as tired as you are of their shenanigans. Hopefully, we’ll finally get some justice, but not sure I’ll believe it till it actually happens.

    • The American public wants her and obama in prison.We are tired of this bitch walking around free when she should already be in prison.Come on DOJ do your job and put those two in prison.

  2. Lost faith in our political system. No matter how outlandish the crime it seems we come to the same outcome. The rich/connected get off Scott free. The ordinary American people are feed up with it.

  3. Mueller needs to be fired and someone honest needs to fill that post. Then all those hold-overs from the Obama administration need to be fired. The Clinton’s need to be charged with treason, and quickly. If these things don’t happen it opens doors for others, and our country will become just another third world country.

  4. Now it must be taken to the courts. ASAP in they think they are free to do as they please! Justice requires it, my opinion.

  5. You bet your bippy we are waiting. Waiting for the total demise of HRC and all of her corrupt cronies. Sick and tired of her, Slick Willy, Obummer, Lynch and all others on the left.

  6. For this year, the Clintons, Comey, and Obama, have failed the American people. No where does it say they will pay for what they have done. We as people that own this country, we must say for treason you will go to jail.

  7. From murder to Bengazi to corruption, list goes on and on. Ex 22:18 says do not suffer a witch to live. May Hillary get a long and painful death sentence!!!


  9. Democrats ARE modern day Nazi’s. There’s nothing they won’t do to gain and hold power. They murder innocent Americans and are not punished. Clinton murdered100 innocent people at Waco, Texas and nothing was done about it. And murdered a 12 year old boy and his mother at Ruby Ridge. Now this bribe of 140 million dollars to the Clinton’s. Won’t they ever get punished???????

  10. I believe that the corruption is so deeply imbedded in our government,that whoever is really pulling the strings will continue and there will be no trials or prosecutions.The DOJ and FBI ere totally corrupted under Obama,Holder,and Lynch; and until they are investigated by honest agents,there will never be an effective law enforcement in America again.

  11. It was past the time fir obama hillsryband SOROS to be prosecuted fur treason. No one can tell us Americans that obama didntbshare onbtge eondfsll of the ClintonS. They all got rich and have millions in off shire accounts. Chelsea isxas guilty as her parents. Lived and livingbghr high life on dirty money. Too dumb or lazy fir hervand her deadbeat husbandvyobget real jobs.

  12. Hillary has done so many shady and illegal “deals” in her time in government, whatever its capacity. Between Bill and Her, they have amassed a fortune in pay-offs from leaders around the world. Isn’t it time they both get arrested for one thing, so they can be held without bail, while Trey Gowdy goes thru the rest of their illegal shenanigans? I would say they are definitely a flight risk,,,so no bail for them either. These two are the big catfish in that Washington swamp! Trump is trying his best to do what’s right for the American people…..congress stands in his way…..the swamp animals are getting scared now. That swamp may be empty soon if Godly people come forward and give up all the corruption they know of!,

  13. The Clinton body count is high enough now…as is. Were this criminally insane Communist witch been sent to the Oval Office, the Clinton Body Count might very well have skyrocketed into the millions. Is there any end to this woman’s vile wickedness?

  14. We’ve had years of Clinton misdeeds with no prosecution, from her Whitewater in Arkansas to Travelgate. When is enough,enough! There is enough to put her away for life, she should be in prison, heck under the prison!

  15. Treason, corruption, deceit, murder, theft, of the highest order. Get these crooks locked up soon. Put the corrupt democrats in prison for life.

  16. Qe need to get the word out to Smericans to contact the FBI Director, and to contact The Justice Department and demand they investigate Clinton and her crimes. I am so sick of this.

  17. Most people with knowledge or are threats to the Clinton’s wind up dead. It’s called the “Dixie Mafia” down south. People are afraid of being killed or blackmailed because thedyve taken money from the Clinton’s.Lock both of them up, and watch Hillary sing like a bird.

  18. Not only are the Democrats in the Obama cabal corrupt but what do we forget the Clinton Body Count so prominent in the 80’s and 90’s? Almost 40 people died being around the Clintons. Vince Foster was the most notable one. but there were many.

  19. The entire Clinton history in govt is one criminal act after another. This couple is corrupt on every level and Obama was right there with them working one scam after another. It is sad how corrupt Washington, D.C. Has become and nobody has done a think to make it right.

    These people should already be sitting at gitmo. Trump should call for immediate trials on the White House lawn in front of the entire country not in the corrupt halls of congress. Let’s get it all out in the open.

  20. The Clintons, Obamas, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Meuller, and a host of others won’t see a day of jail or even an indictment. The Republicans have had a majority for a couple of years now and now a President and nothing. One can only conclude that the Republicans and the Democrats are in collusion over this. It would seem that in so far as corruption goes that is the one unifying factor. Corruption is truly Bi-Partisan. That is why nothing is or will be done ever.

  21. The American public wants her and obama in prison.We are tired of this bitch walking around free when she should already be in prison.Come on DOJ do your job and put those two in prison.

  22. For the crimes the Clintons, the Obamas and the Democrat machine have committed why should we waste taxpayers’ money by locking them up for life? Better suggest: give each of them massive doses of fentanyl and send them on their merry way to hell….

    • Couldn’t agree with you more,for what they have done they truly deserve it!!.Just take a look at the body count that the Clintons have left behind and the long list of innocent people that have been killed by the Clinton cartel!!.Obama and the Clintons have screwed the American people for years and they have broken every rule,Law in the book and the American constitution!.I’m not even American I’m British and live in the U.K. and I would love to see the Clintons Obama’s and the rest of the parasites in Congress etc all go to hell!!.

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