U.S. Army Deserter Caught After Making Fatal Mistake

Army deserter Sircaria Coleman.

Sircaria Coleman ditched her post in 2012. Her long desertion ended this week as officials caught her trying to enter a cruise ship dock in New Orleans, Louisiana.

There was a warrant out for her arrest.

As a Carnival ship planned to set sail for a Caribbean cruise, she was apprehended. Officials say it is unclear whether she was attempting to board herself.

They also said every now and again, they are able to catch people with outstanding warrants this way.

The warrant popped during U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s routine screening of individuals coming on board the cruise ship.

The Army deserter was arrested in August of 2012 on unspecified charges. Instead of returning to Fort Carson where she was stationed, she went AWOL (absent without leave). Months later, they handed down a charge of military desertion.

When she left her post she was an Army private.

Coleman turned 30 just before being arrested. According to court records, she was working at a cellphone dealership before being caught.

Judge Harry Cantrell ordered that Coleman be held in jail without bail. She will be removed from the state of New Orleans soon.

The maximum punishment for deserting during war is execution. That punishment, however, has only been handed out once since the Civil War. A prison sentence of 5 years is the “second-worst” punishment to receive.

She will be extradited to Fort Carson with a charge including imprisonment, a dishonorable discharge, and the forfeiture of salaried pay.

Source: Military.comStars and Stripes