U.S. Now Working with Allies on Joint Syria Strike

The United States along with Britain and France united Thursday night over plans to respond with military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces following the vicious chemical attack that was carried out last week.

President Trump held meetings with his national security team and members of the Pentagon to weigh all military options against the country.

Two days ago the president sent a tweet directed at Putin for his support of Assad despite his use of vicious chemical attacks against his own people.

In response Syrian warplanes have rendezvoused in Russian airspace at the alarm of an imminent airstrike against Assad.

Officials in the U.S. as well as France and Britain have confirmed the use of chemical attacks. No action has been taken yet, however, as the Pentagon fears a miscalculation that could set off a world war against Russia and their allies.

Momentum has built throughout the week as President Trump and other officials have directed several statements towards the Syrian crisis.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made it clear on Thursday that extensive preparations would be made before any official strike to ensure as little collateral damage as possible—both physically and geopolitically.

The biggest fear is for Russia, Iran, and North Korea to form an alliance. With the aid of China’s resources, it could lead to a brutal conflict—something the U.S. wants to avoid at all costs.