Wounded Marine Vet Takes On ‘Social Justice Warrior’s’ Outrageous ‘Definition’ Claim

Many people agree that for America to maintain its freedoms, real veterans are required, but the country must also fight the war on words so-called ‘social justice warriors’ are waging. Sergeant Jones is apparently doing both.

The United States and most of its people have always celebrated the veterans of the nation, people who took up arms, at great personal risk of life and limb, and fought for her interests around the world. Recently, one leftist writer, ‘Dr.’ Warren J. Blumenfeld, wrote a piece which suggested the ‘social justice warriors’ should be venerated as veterans.

Blumenfeld equated being in the armed forces, in physically in danger, with being a political activists bent on destroying individual liberty and forcing the acceptance of a particular political belief on others.

Obviously, such a suggestion, while it may have played well with Blumenfeld’s readers at LGBTQ Nation, was not likely to go down smoothly with people who had been to war. In particular, Joey Jones, a retired United States Marine Corps ‘bomb technician,’ spoke out against the leftist screed.

While ‘bomb technician’ may sound like the job title of a servicemember who puts armament on fighter planes and bombers, Joey Jones, who attained the rank of ‘Sergeant’ in the USMC working as a bomb tech, was one of the fearless few who was tasked with disarming live ordnance.

It’s a job that comes with many risks, undertaken to make sure that soldiers in the field were safe from IEDs and other explosive devices left behind by enemies.

Jones, an actual veteran, sacrificed more than just his time; he lost two legs in a bomb blast while serving in Afghanistan.

In other words, Sergeant Jones has a vested interest in the discussion about who is and isn’t a ‘veteran.’

He said that the term ‘veteran’ is “something that’s small, but it’s a big sentiment” and it’s something that we choose to do as a country and as a people.

In fact, he accurately illuminated the left’s war on words.

Blumenfeld, a ‘doctor’ of education, asked why the country limited the meaning of ‘veteran’ to someone who had served in the armed forces.

He asked why ‘practitioners’ of “non-violent resistance” in the face of “tyranny” and “oppression” were not given similar titles (or similar reverence) in the United States.

Jones’ reply pointed out that the idea that the term veteran, a term held in reverence by so many patriotic Americans, is not one that’s given lightly.

The Marine Sergeant continued to say that that the suggestions that this term should apply to “everyone who might get upset” and go to a rally and hold up a sign simply doesn’t make sense.

Many people realize that changing words, even subtly, has a huge impact on the impressions and opinions of ignorant people. For example, ‘undocumented immigrant,’ implies an entirely different mindset that ‘illegal alien,’ or ‘invader.’

Friday, October 5, 2018, is the day after the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu. Task Force Ranger was deployed to Somalia, hoping to put an end to civil war in the region by capturing (or killing) warlords and their command structures.

The men who fought an entire city after two Black Hawk helicopters were shot out of the sky earned the title ‘veteran.’ The men who fought and killed as many as 1,000 enemies, and wounded as many as 4,000 more, and saw 19 of their brothers fall in service to the country, earned the title of ‘veteran.’

Thinking people realize there’s nothing comparable in the world of social justice.

Leftists gathering together in the safety of a nation provided by men with guns, carrying signs complaining about ‘cisgender’ white males or the newest contrived ‘affront’ of the day is laughable when compared with men, as young as 18, carrying tremendous physical burdens in far off places.

Blumenfeld’s background suggests that he spent little (if any) time outside of academia, and that after he attained his ‘Ed.D.’ in ‘Social Justice Education’ via the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he’s done nothing but teach and produce ‘publications’ such as ‘Readings For Diversity And Social Justice.’

Incidentally, since his article was published in LGBTQ Nation and he began to receive widespread criticism, it seems that the ‘academic’ Blumenfeld has taken his personal website down.

While real veterans generally can’t just walk out of an engagement, he’s able to (and apparently willing to) ‘cut and run’ whenever it is convenient for him to do so.

Perhaps more people would have some amount of respect (though likely not reverence) for ‘social justice warriors’ if they didn’t seem to take up the most absurd causes.

They complain about things like ‘man-spreading’ and protest against the idea that college students should have to pay back money they borrowed to receive valueless ‘social justice’ and ‘gender studies’ degrees.

Sergeant Jones, USMC Retired, called Blumenfeld’s argument, and his article, “pretty laughable.” Given the differences between real warriors and those of the ‘social justice’ ilk, it’s hard to argue that he’s wrong.

Many people agree that for America to maintain its freedoms, real veterans are required, but the country must also fight the war on words so-called ‘social justice warriors’ are waging. Sergeant Jones is apparently doing both.